wednesday 06/07/2016

Impera bought.

May I know your estimation for Reine CR?

He means you should do it by privately selling a cheap card for the amount of clintz you need to transfer. Beware though, last time I checked, having multiple accounts was against UR rules.

Lyse teria cr ?

It is simple, use private sales or PM me

For tag:

0 Spycee

Sorry all dr norton gone

Allright Piranga, thank you

tuesday 05/07/2016

I will buy 2x Noctezuma Cr for 140 000 each

Sold to -OpiuM- for 115k

monday 04/07/2016

You can send me a message if you are interested, a light bargain is possible smiley

You need lyse teria or you have mona cr ?

You can close the post alone... look on the right top , it says close topic

As title.... Sell lamar full 1.8 mil only cash accept smiley

Annuqa ~ 1 400 max
Ayzqub ~ 300 max
Upbated olga noel sold
B16 sestra sold

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