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tuesday 28/02/2017

Tessa cr full + swidz cr full vs 3x quetzal + Maana Cercei

You're right, I'm sorry, new to this forum. Tomorrow morning I'll notify moderators to either delete the post or correcting it. Thanks!

Looking only for Maana Cercei. I'll compensate the difference with clintz or other cards. PM me for quicker response

monday 27/02/2017

Also have:
Caelus cr
Copper cr
Dagg cr
Dahlia cr
Dr copernica cr
Jim cr
Kawamashi cr
Jackie cr
Kalindra cr
Ymirah cr
Kenny cr
Kinichaw cr
Lulabee cr
Mechakolos cr
Graksmxxt cr
Noctezuma cr
Shaakarti cr
Toro cr
Zatman cr

Seeking for full xp of the same

Somebody bought it, thanks everybody. smiley


Now without 2 Dragomir's if someone is interested you can still give me your offers smiley


Other cards?

sunday 26/02/2017


I know, it's a possibility but it isn'the exactly what i'm looking for

Hit me up with offers.

I add 18 graff 0xp

saturday 25/02/2017

1. please add name of the card in title

reson, if everyone starts similar thread, it will be hard to find out where to look for a certain card for the buyers.

2. There should be estimations of cards,,

so im closing. please create newone that complies the rules.ty

Looking for Slyde Cr, Dr Norton Cr or some nice offer.

Manon cr 1.600.000 clintz

Pvt me

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