friday 11/04/2008

Join the Death Gods of War
the link to this guild is

Join Now!!!

You should head over to us at the coven we active and all have intresting sense of humour to say the least

thursday 10/04/2008

Please Close I Joined The Coven

We are accepting any one who is an active player. plz join we want to get bigger


Lol ty i was waitin for it to post i forgot to put link smiley

U can join elite team.....we wnsure our guild as well as forums!!! _________
here's the link:

U can join elite team.....we wnsure our guild as well as forums!!! smiley_________smiley
here's the link:

You look like the perfect candidate for Xavier's Knights:

Check This out "Heroes"

smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileyJOIN THA KREW.... 12 PILL KILLAZ<---.... ALL WHO R DOWN R ACCEPTED!!!....W3 COULD US3 SUM MORE KILLAZ!!!...smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

If your 20+ and above your welcome in our guild.. Just Play and Have Fun.. Goodluck.. smiley Sorry because this is a new guild so still recruiting.. smiley

We are requiuting anyone and its free not like some otyher guilds

wednesday 09/04/2008

Wow people u dont wana join

Join Silient Angelz
We like active playerssmiley

I'm not being rude but I personally think that your motives of joining a guild is just to get free cards... hopefully, soon you'll realize that its not all about free stuff.... a guild could also help you improve your game in many ways than you can imagine. dont rush into getting free stuff / good cards coz they will come eventually...... I remember way back.. I was using my starter deck till I was level 25.. smileysmileysmiley


Only lvls 15 and up are allowed
postulate if ya wana join and ill let ya in
lets be the best smiley

Just search for fallen saints under guilds and we would be more then happy to have you on board. We plan growing in numbers and helping ppl out with questions they might have about the game or certain cards or setups they were thinking of making.


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