friday 01/07/2016


90 Jasmine - 5.1k/t
75 Cindy - 4.2k/t
11 Walkie - 3.8k/t
1 Tormentah - 37k
22 Dyan - 800/t

Tout 0xp.
Je cherche seulement


I add 49 macumba 0xp 8k/each

Dr. Copernica exchange 18 Cr 0XP loose change or batch by letters

I search:
Rex Sweig
Sloane impera
Alec Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Jackie Cr

I value the market price many 0XP my Dr. Copernica Cr his letters offering

thursday 30/06/2016

75 Barbacoatl 0xp 2800 each
50 Tekumman 0xp 3600 each
20 Dorothy 0xp 2800 each
10 Dj Korps 0xp 47000 each
10 Magnolia 23000 each
7 Pearl 0xp 9500 each
5 Josephine 0xp 25000 each
looking for crs and clints

All exchanged. Thank you

It's easy to know if you bought a card or no, only you must know if you did 1 click or no...

6 graven 0xp +3k

Sorry I meant mim

wednesday 29/06/2016

Looking for a Striker rb (any xp) and will trade my steve rb (either 0xp or full xp).

How you were saing? i belive dreams can be real?

Up..still looking for caelus cr out there

tuesday 28/06/2016

PM Me if interested!

Only if someone sells it to you...

Sorry everyone, changed my mind. Clintz only from now, sorry. First one offering 500.000 wins.

monday 27/06/2016

I need my cards for other trades..... i withdraw my offers smiley

I'm looking for Lin Xia 0xp. I value at 20k each. If interested just put in my private sell. Thanks!

Currently got over 200 Magnar 0 exp, I want to either:
up to 50: 4.3k
up to 100 4.25k
over 100 4.2k
-Copper CR
-Dr Copernica CR
-other lots

PM me with your offer smiley

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