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monday 26/05/2014

Come join Legendary Domination. smiley

friday 23/05/2014

Count the number of stars in your 8 card deck. For type one you need 25 or below.

wednesday 21/05/2014

Hey man, Welcome Back.. good to see a returning player, you should post a LFG message see if there are any guilds out there willing to fill you in with all the changes and advantages of clans.

Goodluck dude and dont quit any time soon XD

tuesday 20/05/2014

The MOST Canadian guild has just been released! Join MoosePlayingHockey now!

C'mon join this awesome guild people! smiley

monday 19/05/2014

Try these guys
heard they're super active

sunday 18/05/2014

THIS IS A NEW GUILD looking for active members

there are no current level requirements or standards for joining

message Head Thrasher or werewolfCR for information

Alrite, people, pls join!smiley

This is an really awesome guild. If you're without a guild you should really come and be part of the family.

Why dont you give yourself up to the madness...


saturday 17/05/2014

Anyone wanna join?

I never really liked One Piece any way smiley

thursday 15/05/2014

wednesday 14/05/2014

Hi all,

We are an old guild existing from 05/11/2010 and we were slowly dying.
Will you be the person to help us grow again and be again an active guild.
Well don't hesitate to contact us and to join us.
Few requirements are needed to join:
- Level 20+
- And be active

Good luck to you all

de lage landen

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saturday 10/05/2014

Visit us If you wish

wednesday 07/05/2014

Socialise and meet new people.

Benefits depending on guilds level when with regards to lower taxes, extra battle points and XP etc.

Good guilds will give you advice and knowledge of the game and improve you as a player.

They will also host events and games etc for you to compete in and gain extra cards and clintz.

Asca founder of a guild I see now point in being in the game and not being in a guild. I think it is essential if you want to experience all the game has to offer.

All you can do is give it a try. As long as your not an A-hole you will be fine. If you are an A-Hole I suggest staying away from me, Babs and Merlin. We love A-Holes, they give us the chance to get the turkey baster and hot chilli oil out.

sunday 04/05/2014

Is imposible yes?

Man i went on a recruiting streak for so many hours but no one wanted to join smiley

The guild is still recruiting and will never shoot down any applicants, we will base acceptance to everyone with consideration.

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