thursday 27/09/2018

Hi, i sell 444 Pr Hide 0xp 10k/u smiley

Pm me (going to bed at time of post)

wednesday 26/09/2018

How can you sell something that isn't yours? You only bought the rights to use those virtual goods.
Please read the rules again.


Boostr, or its successors and assigns, is the sole holder of all the intellectual property rights relating to the Game and to all its services and elements, in whatever format that may be, that are accessible from the Website.

Therefore, access to the Game, subscription, purchasing of credits or virtual objects does not confer any intellectual property rights whatsoever to the Members other than the right of exploitation that is expressly referred to in the following paragraph.

Boostr assigns a personal and temporary right of exploitation to every Member or person registered on its Website, authorizing that person to use the virtual objects and in particular the cards available on the Website with the sole purpose of taking part in the Game, in a familiar environment and in accordance with these terms and conditions.

The purchasing of cards or any other virtual object on the website does not constitute in any case a sale in the sense of article 1582 of the Civil Code. The acquisition of cards in exchange for Clintz or credits only conveys a limited right of use to the right mentioned in the previous paragraph.

On account of this, the sale or exchange of cards, free of charge or against payment, by any other means than those provided on the Website or on any other media other than the Website itself, constitutes an infringement of the rights held by Boostr or its successors and assigns.

Any agreement concerning the transfer, use or storage of accounts, cards or any other virtual object constitutes a violation of these terms and conditions.

For any useful purpose, let us remind you that the sale or purchase of Clintz, accounts, cards or any other virtual object on an Internet auctioning website constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights held by Boostr or its successors and assigns.

Any offender or person in violation of this article will be subjected to the sanctions laid out in article 6 or these terms and conditions as well as any criminal or civil proceedings provided for by the intellectual property Code pertaining to copyright."

Hi, I'm looking to trade Lyse Teria Cr for either Guru Cr or Dj Korr Cr.

For Guru:

Straight swap.

For Dj Korr I add:

1,500,000 Clintz + 2 Copper Cr.

If interested in either pm me.

Well as I expose in the title I have a series of letters, indivisible lots and collectors, I want to get rid of them, I clarify in advance that all prices are negotiable and that I put is intuitive about the market.

-Hoffman 0 xp (30K / tête) I have 8
-Emeth Cr 0 xp 680K
-Edd Cr 0 xp and full xp (180K and 145K) respectively
-Shawoman Cr 0 xp (3M)
-Grudj Cr full xp 105K
-Chikko Cr 0 xp 90K
-Chiara Cr full xp 105K
-Noodile Cr 0 xp 75K
-Maurice 0 xp 65K
-Tasty Tast 0 xp (22K / tête) I have 27
- # olfgn 0 xp (17K / tête) I have 17 units
-Crazy Legs 0 xp and full xp (35K and 32K / tête respectively) I have 35 and 8
-Cletus 0 xp (34K / tête) I have 7
-Bogdan 0 xp (70K)
-Page Cr 0 xp (470K)

crs as Vickie Cr full (4M)
Lamar Cr full xp (4M)
Dalhia Cr (480K)
Death Adder (1.6M)
No Love (1.5M)
Tessa Cr (3M)
Sigma Cr (160K)

"Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

tuesday 25/09/2018

My No Love full + 150k cash for 1 #b mappe full/0xp smiley

Salut je veux échanger mon:
- 38 Nannah 0 xp 15k chacun (au total 570k)
- 52 Bartholomew 0 x 1.3k chacun (au total, 67,6k)
- 1 Shakra 0 xp 160k

- Serleena 0xp (14k chacun)
- Keile 0 xp (17k chacun)
- Jigi 0 xp (14k chacun)

J'ouvre pour entendre d'autres offres. Si vous êtes intéressé, envoyez-moi un pm merci smiley


full or 0xp

No Love out, thread ready to close

Trading my 30 Grax Cr for Guru Cr any xp

Yes, cards as those

monday 24/09/2018

I take your Blaaster Cr 0xp 920k cash

I have copies of 13 of them, I don't have any spare Dookor, Frogo, DA, Valhala, Ardwizz or Yolow
And that's 222000 off, plus DA, so take off a Scarlacc and trade?
DA is 1.8 mil so you can take off more to make that even if you want

Im looking for Lyse Teria Cr any xp is fine
i am offering
30 Drakorah Cr 0xp 7500k
16 Marshal Cr 0xp 6400k
1 Death Adder 0xp 1800k
1 Quetzal Cr 0xp 650k
1 Noctezuma Cr 0xp 450k
1 Emeth Cr full xp 650k
in total 17450k

Bartholomew 1,000
Brutus 25,000
Gray 1,250
Gum 2,850
Hector 1,500
Lucky 2,850
Lucky Noel 900
Mim 50,000
Ryujin 2,400
Scarol 900
Annie 3,250
Bones 900
Kruger 21,000
Oakley 900
Rage 375,000
Ratchek 900
Rattle 32,000
Rocket 3,150
Shaker 22,000
Clarice 150,000
Deaf Blake 1,150
Faiza 41,000
July 10,500
Moro 950
Quinzel 10,250
Walkie 7,150
Wilde 17,800
Capri 900
Drakorah Cr 250,000
Impera Sloane 250,000
Jason 6,150
Miss Sloane 14,550
Mortenzen 18,900
Rex Sweig 194,000
Scarlacc 225,000
Zaria 28,700

I would very much so like to sell all of these to one collector, or trade all thirty six of them for the entire Dominion clan, besides the Dominion LD. Please send me business mail if interested, thanks.

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