sunday 06/04/2008

Stop global warming?

Oh yeah i remeber now my memory aint wat it used to be thanks for remindin me joe

Guild:6886 looks like a strong guild

Who's in that picture? Whoever he is he looks goofysmiley Good luck finding a guild you two

Close plz mods!!

Ok, i'll joinsmiley

Hey Im The Founder Of The MyCkRaZyViDa Guild. I Want Players Who Are Active And Enjoy Playing The Urban Rivals Game. If You Are Not Active You Will Be Deleted. Level 10 And Up May Join. I Will Try To Make The Message Board Active As Possible. I Will Try To Post 2-5 Threads Every Day. Please Join And Thank You
Guild >>>


This is our guild page smiley

we have lots of contests and fun things that we do inner guild, so feel free to come join if you meet the requirements!

Im the leader of the urbanites and i really need people,and as soon as 1 persons postulate,i have 7 other people who are gonna join,so plz join

saturday 05/04/2008

Plz join if ur a begginer im willin to teach u

Plz join my guild i need players real bad

Plz join my guild

Hiya every1 this is the guild where u come and train against people of the same rank so because im master only people with rank master can join

How to turn off sound?

Is it possible?

Thanks u guys

The guild name is the urbanites,we need people plz

link is plz join

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