wednesday 09/04/2008

To the for fist 5 permanent members I offer 100 clintz. note the member must have conditions to sell characters

We are a pretty active clan and we have alot of low lvls around 8 and 9 but i hope they will soon get better so we can get better. But we are recruiting anyone who wants to be in our guild.

link to soccer freaks:

I understandsmiley

Best of luck to you and your guild.

You should join battlen dragonfable any level is allowed .just dont be affraid to join
hope you join:

tuesday 08/04/2008

Urban titans_ -)
join and gain skills and friends and klearn to lead
so dont be afraid to join

if the link dont work just look for fallen saints in the guild search. looking forward to setting up the new up coming guildsmiley

Close please joined coven


Already a guild member? join us, our guild is the domino effect. we'll be waiting. smiley,

here's our link

Orderly Chaos is exactly what you are looking for.Give us a shot.tell me if you're interested and i'll get discussing among everyone.

Who say Angels always gotta be good....

I am open for player L10 and up for recruited. So hurry and join, I will be changing soon to a higher level. ENJOY and HAVE FUN....

*Come train your players in ~*AnGeLs-RiVaLs*~ rooms when you join...

Link to The Coven

Ok then cool im lv 14

Dont you mean your recruiting people ?

Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for joining my guild.smiley

Join the N.S.L guild and u wil hav fun it is for lvl 10 and above

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