monday 06/06/2016

I want to buy Guru cr pay 8.500.000
you can put directly in my private sale or pm me

Please use [ ] so I don't have to correct all your threads smiley


do you accept bulks of payable cards ? PM me for more info.

Salut, comment on échange des cartes?

Im selling a 2 star Ambrose for around 780K or a tanaereva + comp

pm me for any offers

sunday 05/06/2016

Im still searchin Tomoe, Mefisto, Vermaire, Fischer, Lowki and Ruru

i dont have Vermyn N


I'm looking for Mc Decay 0xp and I have :

Granny May 0xp (2k) vs 4 MC Decay 0xp (500/t) possible x6
Moai 0xp (11k) vs 22 MC Decay 0xp (500/t) possible x11
Ace 0xp (2k4) vs 4 MC Decay 0xp (600/t) possible x4
Nerfeniti 0xp (2k3) vs 4 MC Decay 0xp (575/t) possible x10
Zapatino full (1k) vs 2 MC Decay 0 xp (500/t) possible x20
Dieter 0xp (810) vs 1 MC Decay 0xp (810/t) possible x7
Timmy 0xp (2k2) vs 4 MC Decay 0xp (550/t) possible x5
Wonder Lana 0xp (5k4) vs 9 MC Decay 0xp (600/t) possible x15
Norman 0xp (1k) vs 2 MC Decay 0xp (500/t) possible x68
Edd Cr 0xp (80k) vs 148 MC Decay 0xp (540/t) possible x5
Shann Cr 0xp (83k) vs 150 MC Decay 0xp (553/t) possible x10
Boris Cr 0xp (25k) vs 50 MC Decay 0xp (500/t) possible x1
Marina full (49k) vs 198 MC Decay 0xp (500/t) possible x5
Dalhia Cr full (230k) vs 296 MC Decay 0xp (777/t !) possible x1
Yayoi Cr 0xp (87k) vs 130 MC Decay 0xp (669/t) possible x7

Thanks smiley

Mona cr (175k)+ 2x Chiara 0xp (75k/each) + 20k= 345k

Blaaster cr (345k)

Simple. Just my steve rb 0xp (55k) for your full xp steve rb (53k)

and a 2k compliment smiley

3 in ps

saturday 04/06/2016


3 Pr Balthazar 0xp - 40k5/T
1 Brutus 0xp - 16k5
50 Cindy 0xp - 4k/T
10 Mama Killa 0xp - 5.2k/T
3 Khann 0xp - 7.1k/T
15 Hachi 0xp - 2.1k/T
2 Baka 0xp - 10k/T

je cherche:



Selsya Cr 540k
Dwain Cr 550k
A Award Cr 550k
Ombre Cr 570k
Miss Twice Cr 660k
Ambrose Cr 725k
Elya Cr 1,1M
Rass Cr 1,3M
NDololo Cr 1,5M
Dragan Cr 1,5M
Scarlett Cr 1,6M
Marlysa Cr 1,9M
Sum Sam Cr 2M
Armanda Cr 2,4M
Lyse Teria Cr 7,4M
General Cr 7,9M
Kiki Cr 8,5M
DJ Korr Cr 9,2M

Private sales

Ban incoming smiley

LOL this guy can gain 23.5k for free.

Looking for 12 vickie cr

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friday 03/06/2016

Anyone selling Dagg Cr and Shaarkati Cr??

Sold ty all


I buy General Cr 8M cash.


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