saturday 05/04/2008

During DT in fights type 1 with a very good connection, it usually takes me about 20 seconds when i have to think, about 10 secs per turn after i mapped out the battle in my mind... plus battle animations etc, they increase the time between turns quite a bit, even hastened smiley

Youn my freak guild open to al non freak as well open to all level players

Join my Guild

Go To This Link If U Want To Join

The naruto guild that,s gonna rule the urban rivals universe is here!no level requirement!everyone can join!especially naruto fans!!!

I am wondering, is there an easy way to delete multiple threads in the guild forum? Because seriously, the guild I am in right now is reaching 8 pages full of threads in less than a week, which means i need to do the clean up before it gets too crowded and starts lagging the forum. I do the clean up manually I start from last page to the current page (one thread at a time) and its taking alot of my time to finish the cleaning.

so is there an easy way?
could some please let me know... through PM or through here! your help will be gladly appreciated!


Mods can u close dis plzz

i got a new guild smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

friday 04/04/2008

U can allways try Death_B4_Dishonor

Maybe but then I will still be a part of another guild. smiley

Recruiting new peopole anyone welcome but unfortuanantly the rules on urban rivals say u hav to be at least lvl 5
so join here is the link

MODS - please close. I have decided to destroy the guild.

Lvl 15+ ELO'rs and players looking to do Inhouse Tournaments as well as regular ones. Looking for 4 Admins to help coordinate all and Many regular players to create another community.

If you are interested in being an admin please send me a message via URmail and apply to guild.

Level 16+ Are Welcome To Join Dragon Kings Guild

Join Me Bro Heres Link C If U Like It smiley

We are recruiting lv 15+ players who will take part in the guilds forumns and are active in the game we add a new admin every 5 players the more active you are in the guilds forumns the more likely you are to become an admin we have a pretty active forumn and are looking to add more players to our guild to postulate to reject fighters click on this link

Http:// <-------Link

New Guild Got 7 Members already and lookin for some more come and join smiley

Heres ur link and good luck

Good luck

thursday 03/04/2008

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Well now i know and well i might try again but not for awhile and thanks for telling mesmiley

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