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thursday 06/10/2016

Hey everyone who would sell me Ymirah for 1 Shakra 1 ZRobbie 1 Saki 1 Ursula 1 Leone and the rest in cash.

I want to trade

1 NDololo Cr 0xp for 8 Ymirah 0xp + 300k smiley

I'm open to all your offers!

Negotiable too!

PM me for a faster response, thanks!

wednesday 05/10/2016

Hi! I Want To Trade Mim (24k) For Wooly (24k)!! PM Me!

I want to Trade My 0 XP ymirah vs your aegis

Buying a Ymirah for 270k

tuesday 04/10/2016

Bodenpower with Daddy Jones
Beeboy with Wee Lee
Doug Snop with Shayna
Randal with Serena +2k

(TRADE) My Melissa Cr 0 exp for 2 Ymirah 0 exp

I trade my:

- Vickie Cr 0xp (1.5M)
- sigmund Cr 0xp (1.3M)
- Skullface Cr 0xp (395k)
- Kreen Cr (355k)

Total 3.55M (indivisible lot)

- 12 Ymirah 0 xp (295k)
- 40 Spyke 0xp (88.75k)

Looking to trade my 0xp lyse teria cr for full xp and compliments on me for faster response

Thanks smiley

He also offers 2-1. That's 2 Guru for the price of this batch.

Still have the Crs and Kalindra cr 0xp
trading them for full xp

I've sold Marlysa Cr, but I'm now selling a
Vickie Cr (0xp) 1,260,000 for Usable cards

Ty brother!

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