tuesday 01/04/2008


EVERONE CAN JOIN! lvl 15 becomesactive lets show them wat the littile people can do!!!!

monday 31/03/2008

All accepted plz do try to join as i will adjust the guild room to what the peoples needs are, lvl up when needed and no random if necessary

New up start gang... where we all look out for each other no matter what level you are

We will help you get stronger and better at this game. We will accept anyone on any level if you would like to join us just go to the link below, send us a message and we will get back to you


New Link

sunday 30/03/2008

Please close this thread, he's joined Shinigami Societysmiley

Hi im a level 8 but my cards are good i think can i join ur guild

Just wondering what these "Missions" are you speak of. Is it like:
Joe go defeat a level 40 titan 4times and post proof, and your get a card?

All you have to do to join is to beat me. join go to the private room and wait for me there. if you win you can join but if you lose i will give you one more chance to beat me. if you lose again i will kick you off the boomers.

as well the first to beat me will become a admin.

If u have Rescue,Freaks,Sentinel,or Sakrohm in ur deck join our guild

This guild, recently created acept all players who are:
- Active (message board and playing)
- + Lv 20
For commemorate 10 members we´re going to do a tournament (prize Armand 0 exp)
We are waiting for you!!!!!smiley
PD: If you like ( + lv 25) you can be administratorsmiley

Found 1 please close

Join me and let us become the no.1 guild.my guild name is jrenzo5205

Hey everyone, this is a new guild that has just been created. It is for the lower-leveled players who want to have some fun and get better! Please join!

saturday 29/03/2008

My guild is an all= relyabale, the reson i do ANYONE is because,
more guild points! guild=194992 is a very good guild for ANYONE,
so plz, ANYONE join!

I would like to join smileysmileysmiley

It says they not recruiting weird thing to advertize. I think it should read 0wnage Guild is now recruiting.

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