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tuesday 10/01/2017

The rule of closing threads upon trade completion is nonexistent in our community (at the moment).

I can Trade one Pandora 0xp for one Faiza 0xp please dont use technicalitys because my english isnt good.

monday 09/01/2017

20k each one, or a average 340k card

I add the difference

Hi, can you state how many you have and at what level?


100 lafleur now vs tessa cr

Aegis sold, only kurt and toorg remains.

you need to estimate the cards as well
thanks !

I read really good stuff about him. I mean better then Kolos!!smiley
I need 1 plz for 50clintz smileysmileysmiley

11 messages

9 Elvira
6 Bogdan
22 Arno
24 Lehane

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sunday 08/01/2017

Anyone can he give me Sabrina for 16k
send it to me tnx smileysmileysmileysmiley

There are nearly 150 0xp on the market at 8k, no way are they worth 10k each

I have Geoffrey Lots x40. 0xp. I will sell one piece for 22k clintz. Price is negotiable.
I also accept cards like Spyke Cr Arno Ghumbo Charlie Ongh Pandora Ursula Jackie Cr Gil Cr Noctezuma Cr Dalhia cr Smokey cr Pandora
Please pm me for offers. It is negotiable.
Spyke Cr = 90k
Arno = 50k
Ghumbo= 35k
Charlie =100k
Ongh =120k
Pandora= 40k
Ursula =60k
Jackie Cr = 390k
Gil Cr = 60k
Noctezuma Cr = 180k
Dalhia cr =270k
Smokey cr = 360k
Pandora =40k
(full xp , 0 xp doesnt matter. pm me)

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