saturday 29/03/2008



Oppsy..i think we make a mistake..
mod close this..smiley smiley

It dont matter what lvl you are.

Still recruiting

He already joined a guild, please close this mods smiley

My guild is for those who love music we will Rock You!

friday 28/03/2008

If you have ever played dead awaken this is the guild for you. IF you haven't played then join anyway! The Brotherhood has arrived and we want YOU.

I didnt get any of mine



It is there now dont kown why it took so long

Yea If Enough People Join I Can Make In-House Tournaments And Offer Advice To any Guild Member Who Joins!

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The Men Guild is for u then


plus note this isnt a insult but i doubt u can wield a keyblade since only the chose one can.. which is sora

thursday 27/03/2008

Whats the Test

And do you play MQ because I think you do.

We are just a starting guild that is dedicated to anime demons including laharl yusuke and many more just posulate

O the link

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I'm going to make a new guild which will recruit players level 20+
the guild will have in-guild tournaments, active forum with a: card selling subject, Introduction, Rules etc.....

anyone can join no matter what country age etc......, you just have to pass level 20 and be freindly. smiley

PM me for more information on joining, (note. the guild has'nt been made yet, i'm still thinking of names)

thank you,

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