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tuesday 08/04/2008

if the link dont work just look for fallen saints in the guild search. looking forward to setting up the new up coming guildsmiley

Close please joined coven


Already a guild member? join us, our guild is the domino effect. we'll be waiting. smiley,

here's our link


Orderly Chaos is exactly what you are looking for.Give us a shot.tell me if you're interested and i'll get discussing among everyone.

Who say Angels always gotta be good....

I am open for player L10 and up for recruited. So hurry and join, I will be changing soon to a higher level. ENJOY and HAVE FUN....

*Come train your players in ~*AnGeLs-RiVaLs*~ rooms when you join...


Link to The Coven


Ok then cool im lv 14

Dont you mean your recruiting people ?

Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for joining my guild.smiley

Join the N.S.L guild and u wil hav fun it is for lvl 10 and above

If anyone wants to join u must battle either NSL-raptor or me in a match in dark corners but make sure u alert us about it first

You can join my guild. Its called Tips and Tricks. It really coolsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

You can join my guild which I created especially for new players. its called Tips and Tricks

monday 07/04/2008

Going to be a low lvl guild 5+ to start then progress from there only looking for active to semi active members.
so if you think you got what it takes let me know and message me.

Look at my guild if you want its called The Kaguya Clan

He too is in my guild

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