thursday 27/03/2008

Must on atleast ones a week

Http:// <----------- guild link smiley

Http:// <----------- guild link smiley

Http:// <-----------guild link smiley

Guild link smiley

My name is SilentWaves
I'm 11 years old
Looking for a supportive guild that can help me out
I need to sell on the market, which means I need a code
I'm dreaming to use Junkz and Roots as a starter deck
I really need a generous enough friend or family here in UR
please be kind


wednesday 26/03/2008

Hmmm how do i bump this tihn up?smiley

Coming Soon : an internal tournament and a small challenge waits for the guild then if you want to participate in it let's go smiley

tuesday 25/03/2008

Ppl if u to join this guild here is the link :
i need peaple at least 6+ for now

We are on of the most sucessful recruting guild in uk all members accepted

Come on guys join smiley
iven if u are level 15 + and active u can join

Keeping this thread alive, because new members are always a plus.

Moderators close this got my new guild.. thanks

for all lover of .hack
raseo and ovan rox XD

12 PILL KILLAZ is the guild for anyone with somethin to prove and we're out to show these suckaz what a real killa is about!! Everyone who is down is accepted!smiley


monday 24/03/2008

Join Today!
Ashigaru1 & Dark3r of Dead, combined Founders of the uild of Hope

Ill join ive been looking for a Guildsmiley

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