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thursday 01/05/2014

smileysmileywhoops wrong section.......sorrry had multiple tabe open

tuesday 29/04/2014

Not being rude but giving some info

Don't join a beggers guild .....

Forget it hoa then back to tb

monday 28/04/2014

Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.

friday 25/04/2014

Hey guys, as the title says i am a returning player who havnt played for a few years.
i am looking for a guild that can help me get into the current stage of the game and help out with tips and tricks and anything else a guild might have to offer.

Thank you.

wednesday 23/04/2014

Well, I have done it lots of times, (is that good or bad) so we should be fine. Anyway, thanks Banana. Hope your potato guild will appear in a manga or anime as we do smiley

smiley Staff hates me

Ah good to see Kingpin and the guild he created still aroundsmiley

tuesday 22/04/2014

Nothing that I know of

I have been playing UR for a couple of days now but I have made a guild and trying to recruit american players if you want to join or know anyone that wants to join message me

edited by ArtemisBZ tuesday 22/04/2014, 11:44

Join us
we are absolutely loony people

monday 21/04/2014

Join the nocturnals if you want to be part of a laid back guild

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sunday 20/04/2014

No, one had joined it.. why[only new members]

saturday 19/04/2014


friday 18/04/2014

1 more person
must do lotto

Here at Trinity, we would love to have you smiley its fun and we work together as a team. You can always check it out if you want to and if not, i hope you find a good guild smiley

Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.

thursday 17/04/2014

Even though we are a newer guild The Potatoes are an awesome active guild and we would love to see you amongst our ranks

wednesday 16/04/2014

Sorry Bauldy, it's already pawned, misused and abused by many noobs for entertainment since I decided to rent it out for some easy money smiley
And you don't fit in the noob category either, because you are not an Excalibur member. smiley

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