tuesday 18/03/2008


da link smiley


The destroyeers destroys stuff smiley

Champions of Justice 2

Great leader
Great guild

what else are you looking for? join them now.

goodluck with your guild Jeff (COJ281RaceEVO)

Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=193836

monday 17/03/2008

This is a guild that helps out anyone that wants to. As long as you stay active you can join.
ps. Resistencia means Resistence.


Come everyone who`s not afraid to fight and wants to be in a guild thats aiming for the top.

We are accepting players who are active, have level higher than 20 and must be from UK
Cheers everyone.

At first i expected a Guild devoted to the use of Lihoi Chun.

just imagine.

guild Slogan.
All of our Decks have at least one Lihoi Chun.
We have it this way to Prove, that even a 4 power card with no ability can Win, and we Stand by our Lihoi Chun.

(I'd actually understand the use of 9 cards after that point)

The British Giants, a new group is now recruiting.
Those at any level and from any country may join, all are welcome to play with the Giants.
We play for Clintz
We play for cards
Above all, we play for fun!


A sureshot happens when the attack of one card is twice the attack of the other.

-wrong post..smiley
-should be under "strategy and tactics" section..smiley

Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=192832

sunday 16/03/2008

Then left....oh well I guess 30 new threads a day isnt active enough

Viva la coven we win

Cute guild,wakokoko! Zdrone rocks! smiley

I have startd a guild that is now ranked 6 out of Australia the guild is good and only getting better if anyone is interested postulate it at the guild or PM me

saturday 15/03/2008

All u need is to be 15 or higher just right down your name and send me a postolute here is the URL http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=192373

Link for Total Darkness guild -------> guild:192195

Mods close this thread please while I decide what guild to pick, thanks

Please join the guild! I want 20 members.

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