thursday 13/03/2008

The Uild of Hope is looking for players! It doesn't matter who, or what level so if you want a guild, join today!!
Flam3r uild of Hope

We are looking for strong active players. We need new members today. we will be deleted if you don't join.this is the address:

Mad dogs and Englishmen...

I support this Guild Only Fools & Horses

Please join the Benelux Guild!

I wish you luck with your guild. I've seen both Night Watch and Day Watch on Netfilx and I've to say that, while they're sometimes a little to fast moving and not too well explained, they're still some of the better foriegn films I've seen. Good luck again


theres the link

Saintz (click for the link to this guild)

Good Luck! smiley

wednesday 12/03/2008


Guild link:

Http:// <--------- guild link smiley


tuesday 11/03/2008


Http:// <----------- guild link smiley

Mods please close this Topic, I don`t see this guild smiley

Http:// <------------- link guild smiley

Sure i willsmiley

Come and join the brand new guild im bored all on my own anyone welcome smiley

here is the link

Hello if you are interested please join this guild

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