thursday 28/02/2008

I think batman is a bit too far

beetle might sound cool (or maybe he'll get teased...)
so i'm assuming we need to get 120 in 9 months right (unless the carrier is an elephant, then we have a bit more time)

denadenadenadena BATMAN!!!!
give him a superman costume for his first birthday rofl

Ok well i got a new guild its the elite knights guild. im currently recruting ppl for my guild. if you want to join my :
guild just search it an joinsmiley!

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Forgot to post the link! Haha.

Also, if you wish to join, please message me first.

I want to make sure you fit the rules first.

Sup dood

Join and will be the best

wednesday 27/02/2008

R u someone dat likes ta fight? Enjoy da glory of battle? Guildless? Den we want u! Earn da prestigious title of 'ead cracka, skull bustah, or face beater. R yoo up to da challenge?

Join the p840 crew as we are recruting and we wnt more members over level 20...

Actually, it is a bit of segregation,smiley though I'm sure not racism. In any case, my guild is basically the same and I wish you luck on yourssmiley

Anyone who want to have fun.. Our guild reqruiting New and active member
Come join my guild....

tuesday 26/02/2008

smileysmileyBalckhawkssmileysmileyis now recruitng thats right join now!! The main thing that the balckhawks like to do is level and make Clintz! join now while you still can

Hey guys looking for a uk based guild


Our guild description:If you are not drunker,
you can not be with us ... !!! More beer ~ more fun, more fun ~ more games !!!
Join this guild ,we are active players and active in forum.
All players welcome

Anyone who want to have fun..
Come join my guild....

I think i have been misunderstood in this thread

the reason for asking was to offer this service rather then someone to do it for me so if it costs 150 for an unevolved charcter but 200 for a fully evolved one for 25 clintz have it trained


Looking for recruits, its not a real guild yet but you can help make it
-looking for people above lvl 10
-american or can speak english
-active players

please and thank you

Link to xXSpyderXx guild:

I forgot the link in my previous post... Here it is

Hope to see you there.

monday 25/02/2008

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