friday 22/02/2008

Plz join my guild everyone is welcome new players and experience player
the link to my guild is

Thx for joining

Hey guys whats up?

First thing, awesome job to the devs on a pretty fun game. Its a classic game design example of "Simple but Addicting!". I will be playing this game for as long as you guys keep it up smiley

I would also like to get to know the community a bit with a simple shout out! Always looking to learn the strategy or meta game.


I welcome any friendly competitive members to join my guild. I'll help anyone that needs it in my guild.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!


Plz join need more members to create a stable guild >.<

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thursday 21/02/2008

Anyone can join but we are looking for people above lvl 10

Bump,,,,,,u should've told me bout this yesterday bro,,,,i would've definetely considered it,,,,,well,,,,good luck bro,,,,(join this guild lol)

All join on this guild! -Total Game FreaKs-

I wish there join people from all around the world!!! So welcome! smiley


We will grow strong and tough. Join Today smiley

You should join has a really active message board and the people are really friendly so join in on the fun and join the givers of death

Http:// <-------------England! link

Http:// <---------------- guild link

A new tournament is starting soon in our guild. So it's a great time to come and check us out.
Plus we're giving away free chips and soda... smiley ok not really but check us out anyway.

I less than three mesmiley

Guild link:

Guild link:

Guild link:

the knight riders guild is a warriors guild for people who are lvl 12+. this is a guild for those like to lvl up and have fun. the mani objectice of knight riders is to have fun and lvl up while having fun. everyone is welcome to join you dont have to be lvl 12 to join but id prefer to have people lvled up a bit before joining .

wednesday 20/02/2008

Everybody is welcome to my guild newbies and advance player the name of my guild is Death Gods of War
the link to it is

have fun and thx for joining

Http:// <----------- Dragon king link smiley

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