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wednesday 16/04/2014

I doest know thou's true name...Mordecai. Join us in the kingdom of night. I compell you to fulfill your destiny and unlock your true potential as a creature of darknessssss (Hold on, gotta fix my S button. And there we go.)

Je viens de cree une team et je cherche des joueurs Français pour la rejoidre merci de me l'indiquer si vous etes interesse la seule conditions est de ne pas avoir de team.

monday 14/04/2014

Come to HoA, I'm sure you'll like it smiley. There's an ELO challenge going on that might interest you, since you mentioned ELO smiley.

Hey, its not like I wanna destroy them........ It just happens smiley

sunday 13/04/2014

Actually i lied on one part 50-25 you get 1 bronze and 1 silver... then 25-10 you get 2 silver and one bronze

thursday 10/04/2014

I played in a daily tournament 2 hours ago and i haven't receive any clintz/Tokens whatever or even the usual message we receive from kate telling us our position etc..

What happened?

wednesday 09/04/2014

Hi! Please join our guild. In this guild you can develop different things with each other and you can feel yourself at home.

Im Melody Marie Yaman founder of Lovely Music of Us gladly invites you to these guild where you can share anything you want .Thank you!

This is the link of the guild: guild:1998877

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tuesday 08/04/2014

We welcome new players all kinds of people, we would like to introduce you to these new guild where you can share all what's in your mind and where making benefits and doing our best to make this guild a very nice guild APPLY NOW

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monday 07/04/2014


I am French and I would like to play and discuss with players from the entire world! smiley
I'd like to have funny experiences with you.

Please look at the guild's presentation here:

And you can also look at

Thanks, I hope you'll joign us!
See you soon!

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sunday 06/04/2014


saturday 05/04/2014

thursday 03/04/2014

Thanks and sorry I always forgetsmiley


wednesday 02/04/2014

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Check us out smiley before you pass out smiley

tuesday 01/04/2014

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