monday 07/12/2015

sunday 06/12/2015

The new site really DOES look like LMFAO

friday 04/12/2015

I got: Ielena, Kolos, Rubie, Prince Jr, Aldo, Sharon, Kerry
Guess Im lucky today smileysmileysmiley

Correction, little spoiled brat:

mommy's/daddy's allowance = money (OMG I've lost 8.4 M!!!! which by the way is something like 1200 €, more or less...daddy's lunch money, maybe?!?!)
real life people = not so much money to spend in such waste of time.

stop whinning.

thursday 03/12/2015

Never understood the need for a separate front-end back-end to the secure trade

probably because it creates a new app for boostr and pads their stats a bit

Choose your side! The pack Chaos & Order offers you a choice of cards among the most charismatic characters of Clint City! And you could also find a brand new rebirth card... 7 cards among a selection of 54 cards, 1 rare guaranteed, no doubles.

offer ends in 36h - Friday midnight game time

Josh rb

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sunday 29/11/2015

Same op people win the tourney almost every time...It should be modified for the people who are about 10-30 or 15-35 etc..I agree with shagon

friday 27/11/2015

hot logo UR 32 messages


thursday 26/11/2015

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Raptors, Pussycats, Fang Pi, and GHEIST.

tuesday 24/11/2015

If you don't like the pack don't buy it. Its as easy as that.

Creating the pack would of taken very little time and had no effect on the website design people or arcade mode so you don't have to worry about that.

I'm still not 100% convinced by the new layout of the site but all good things change to keep their followers happy. smiley

sunday 22/11/2015

@lonely fighters - right Abey is 4000 clintz and that is a lot! smiley

saturday 21/11/2015

Still waiting for a pussycats miss card

wednesday 18/11/2015

*Groans in frustration* Whose bright idea was it to give a Ability based mission to a clan whose bonus is STOP ABILITY?

tuesday 17/11/2015

smiley looks like we are still waiting on miss xingshu guys

saturday 14/11/2015

And Raven is free from staff ban...
Ridiculous smiley

friday 13/11/2015 Pussycats again... smiley

Enjoyed this one! looking forward to the next smiley

thursday 12/11/2015

Hi, To keep feedback in one place could discussions move to:

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