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thursday 23/02/2017

361 Kinichaw Cr 0xp 80k/t
50 Charlie 0xp 95k/t
1 Dounia Cr 0xp 315k
44 Toorg 0xp 2600/t
50 Lumia 0xp 5500/t
137 Rockwall 0xp 15k5/t
40 Herman 0xp 15k/t
30 Azel 0xp 6k/t
105 T-We-1 0xp 3300/t
16 Lou 0xp 10k/t
50 Askai 0xp 9k/t
50 Xia Leming 0xp 3k/t

100 Pillzinator 1750/T

Hi everyone, i'm selling or trading Rhed Cr. I got one 0xp and 1 full card.

0xp: 33k
Full: 32k

MP if i don't reply here.


19 Dr Norton Cr @ 15k each
18 Sukareto @ 9k each

Total: 447k

Looking for:
Quetzal @ 420k

PM for fastest response

I can sell
> 2 Cardigan = 44k
> 5 XU52 = 115k
> 5 Hammer = 35k
> 2 Coby = 56k
> 2 Pavel = 46k
> 2 Hefty = 28k
> 2 Christelle = 40k
> 2 Tormentah 96k (0xp and full)
> 1 Locke = 28k
> 2 Ulrich = 30k
> 2 Greendy = 32k
> 2 Lindsey = 34k
> 6 Strigoi = 90k
> 2 Ramath = 46k
> 3 Leone = 105k
> 4 Elvis = 40k
> Total 865k For your Xantiax Robb. Maana Cercei at market price. All cards are 0xp above unless mentioned.
I have other cards to offer as well. Pm me.

I want to trade my Lamar Cr (Full XP) for Quetzal (Any XP) (3) and +100k in pure or cards. Send me a message to offer* Fixed

You can just close the topic by clicking on the thing that's usually to report posts, but when is yours post it's to close it.

I have 2 Xantiax Robb Cr available for sale that I value at about 1m each, but prices are negotiable.

I will also accept character offers (lots or singles), but I prefer lots to have 50 or less cards in them.

Deals can be negotiated. PMs work best for a faster response

wednesday 22/02/2017

Looking to sell or trade my 3x Emeth Cr full xp

I'm selling these for 135k clintz each , or trading for Toro Cr 0xp. If trading I will value Emeth Cr at 130k, and Toro Cr at 30k.

Done, thx smiley

26 Dr Norton Cr left

I would like to trade 5 Quetzal for Marlysa Cr

If you have anyother offers, PM me

Hey, I wanna get a lamar Cr, anyone willing to trade me for some cards?


I have:

50 copies of greendy 0xp 20k/e

I want:

50 copies = Xrobb Cr 0xp or,

6 copies = 1 Impera Solane 0xp or,

7 copies = 1 Rex Sweig 0xp or,

21 copies = 1 Quetzal 0xp.

Pm for fast reply. Thank you!

That is like 350k?

No, I am sorry, quetzal is not worth 350k in my opinion.

tuesday 21/02/2017

As the title says,

I buy your Pandora 0xp for 50K each

looking for 30 only

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