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thursday 21/09/2017

Caelus Cr 0xp against:

Dounia Cr full XP + Shann Cr full xp
Dounia Cr full XP + Rowdy Cr full xp
Dounia Cr full XP + Shaakarti full xp
Dounia Cr full XP +Lulabee Cr full xp + Sledg Cr Full xp

I am also ready to trade it against a Lamar CR full and I will add cash of course.

Or else, as long as I do not have this CR...

Dakota +2 noctezuma cr vs schatzi

Hi i want to trade:

Guru cr 9.9m
General cr 7.5m

i'm looking for (0exp):
Maana cercei 215k/each

Thx smiley

wednesday 20/09/2017

Bonjour à tous je vends mon lot de 16 kerozinn cr 0 xp à 1m300k soit 20m800k

que du cashsmiley

tuesday 19/09/2017

Done smiley

traded with 0_SuperDes

Hi, i want to sell:

5 hawk 0exp -> 50k/cad
6 shakra 0exp -> 75k/cad

by ps, thx smiley

Wow if only I have 90k clintz.

Just new here.

Straight trade who wants?


mainly looking for clintz

Guru is no longer for sale/trade, holding onto him. Sorry to those who made offers just can't part with him anymore smiley

monday 18/09/2017

My marshal 0xp + 10 k

Your Dakota 0xp

Thanks for the offer

C dusk 27k
Dashra 9k + Ahseya 11k + 7k ?

Hi! I wanna trade my kalindra cr 0xp valuated 319k for One Kenny mt valuated 300k + 19k extra cash...

See ya

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