monday 11/02/2008

I would to b in your guild...
Can you let join??



Click the link and postulate or click on the link i pm-ed you and postulate.

Join my guild if your a inuyasha fan

sunday 10/02/2008

K lets get serious and tell me if you want a guild war or not!

Its probably because you dont answer quick enough.
if that happens, ask the person to reconsider and to come bak to your guild.
its woked twice for me.
good luck

Administrator position has been filled.
but you can still join this awesome guild.

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Thanks for posting the link!

sir slaughter

Sure us:
hope to see you

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Join us,
your very welcome here
hope to see you

We r very chatty and fun i aso sell cheap cards to guild members who have been in ft longer then a week

'A strong base of warriors. Those who not only use nature on their side, but fight honorably.'

I welcome all new members to the NEW Warriors of the Wilderness guild. I promise you that, as Leader, I shall make this guild a great place to be at, with your help. Once we start building up, this guild will become very powerful. I shall begin rewards for assistance once recruitment begins.

I may have joined only a couple of days ago, but am almost at lvl 13 already. I understand the game. My current rank is 'Master'.

To join our guild, go to the link below. smiley
(More to be added shortly)

Children of the Dragon:

saturday 09/02/2008

In the city the people are in ocean madness the same thing in space madness

It aint that simple ninja and pantha it be unfair to the rest of my guild

Why did you post your guild here?

Come and join the dark rivals we provide help ,auctions ,and tourniments and much more so come and join any level is permitted and we will make u tthe best!

ps we already have 38 and we need more!

Finally got the guild made!

Is int any one interested

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