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thursday 20/07/2017

Nevermind, I sold him.

wednesday 19/07/2017

Vickie Cr 0xp for Kerozinn Cr full
Vickie Cr 0xp + Pandora 0xp for Splata Cr full

I raise the price to 72,5k/each

I trade/sell my Armanda Cr 0 or full xp (4m) for any combination of the following cards (collectors) plus
any amountof clintz to complete the deal. Priority should be given to those who are willing to give cards
close to the price of Armanda Cr and just add a few more clintz to make the deal. I can offer clintz as well
if someone offers cards with value greater than the 4m of Armanda Cr.

Here is the list of Crs i want, 0 or full xp, and the prices I value them:
Marlysa Cr (2m)
Dragan Cr (2m)
Scarlett Cr (2m)
Kerozinn Cr (1.2m)
Elya Cr (1.3m)
Shawoman Cr (2m)
Aldebaran Cr (1.7m)
Rass Cr (1.8m)
Sigmund Cr (1.7m)
Miss Twice Cr (650k)
Ombre Cr (650k)
Melissa Cr (450k)
Reine Cr (650k)
Beltran Cr (420k)
Jim Cr (450k)

I want to trade melissa cr full and kenny mt full or 0 xp for xantiax robb cr and marshall

tuesday 18/07/2017

Hello I am selling Marshal for 360k

Cards that i looking for:
Marshal 100k+ Sylth Cr (in the market worth 260k)
Marshal 60k+ Blaster Cr (in the market worth 299k)

If you are interested send me a pm thanks smiley

Taking off Jauntya 0xp from the list. also taking off caelus cr

I propose 100 Mandrak = 570k vs jackie cr 0 xp 440k !! lol

I trade my Thaumaturge Cr 0XP (460k) for Nahi Cr (440k) any XP.
Send me a PM if interested.

I would like to trade my Rass cr 0xp (1 797 666) for the new Mt cards or playable cr cards all 0xp. I'm open for suggestions, not looking for anything specific. PM me for a faster reply

Looking for Rust and Hal Gladius 0 exp.

Rust 1,300 each
Hal Gladius 1,200 each

Up to 50 of each making 100 total. Sent them via private sale. Send! Send! Send!

2 Dregn 0Xp = 198K

Looking for: Slayer, Cortez, Cletus, Kerry, Cardigan, Matriochka, Olga, Antoinette, Leviatton, and Raven

I don't care if they're 0xp or FullXp

monday 17/07/2017

Hi, as in he tittle, i trade my guru 0xp (11M) for your lyse(9)+2M complement
I would accept cash and CR playable

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