thursday 27/08/2015

I'm looking for Kerozinn cr that i estimate 830k

I can purpose 51 Mercury 0xp + 460k cash

Pm for transaction ...

My tanaerva and smokey trade for another cr and cards intereseant? Write to me pw

I everyone i want to sell my 2 graksmxtt rb valutated 430k/t...

write me for some other offers if you want

Kero (875.000) 0xp
Marly (1.500.000) full
Sum Sam (1.125.000) 0xp

pm me for offers
cash or cards smiley



Buy lots of Grace full or 0XP evaluated 7.5k / t, if you put it in my vp, I will buy, thank you!

You mean tanaereva for selsya +20k, right?

I will sell Smokey Cr for 115k. Who interested?

P.S. Full XP Dj Korps

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New List:
Armanda Cr (1,7M)
Marlysa Cr (1,5M)
Dragan Cr (1,2M)
Lao Cr (1,1M)
Scarlett Cr (1,1M)
Sum Sam Cr (1,05M)
Manon Cr (950k)
Splata Cr (900k)
Lamar Cr (900k)

Shawoman Cr (850k)
Rass Cr (750k)
Sigmund Cr (750k)
Berserkgirl Cr (750k)
Aldebaran Cr (750k)
Elya Cr (675k)
Melissa Cr (375k)
Caelus Cr (190k)
Seldnor Cr (125k)
Robb Cr (100k)

Jackie Cr for 220.000 Clintz. No trades, only cash

wednesday 26/08/2015

I have an ambrose cr full xp that I would like to sell for 435k clintz. PM me if interested

102 Shann 0xp 19k cad
35 Ruru 0xp 27.5k CAD

Jackie cr 0xp 230k

I would like to sell my 0xp Shawoman cr or even trade her for Kerozinn CR(full xp preffered)
current price for Shawomann cr is 985k so for a 0xp, i think 1M will be a good price for her.

So Kerozinn Cr + 150k worth of cards and/or clintz for my Shawoman cr

Sankyuu smiley

tuesday 25/08/2015

I want to sell my 15 0xp Buddy for 15k each.
I can train them to full xp if you want to buy full xp, price does not change.
Looking for clintz ONLY



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