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wednesday 28/06/2017

Hi ...
I sell 55 Toro 0xp ... 47k/each.

All but Dragan Cr is bought

Looking for Tanaerva any xp + 1.6mil for Scarlett or 2mil for Rass

Also looking for multiple playable Crs (Marco, Ongh, Kolos, etc)

PM offers

I can also accepte unplaybel cr smiley
i can accepete your manon cr. smiley

Looking for a 0xp tanman,pm me if you have offers

My cassio . full xp . 550K

looking for :
jim cr
swidz cr

pm me

I'm looking to trade for 1 Poppy Mary or 1 Pandora or sell for 60 k clintz

Doesn't make sense??? Must mean 4 not 40. Even then you're giving away a million clintz? PM me to set this deal up I'll go buy what you want for profit.

Seriously! A "lot" is called a lot bc it's a lot of cards! Which means like >10 jeez man. So here's one lot and a few singles for sale. Don't call it lots in subject line. Mod delete this.

Title says it all...figured I'd see if someone's interested before I level him up.

UPDATED : 28/6/2017 10am

basically im looking to exchange my cr for your cr. Combination allowed .

CR that i want (value) :

Geuner (350K)
swidz (350k)
skullface (355k)
a award (370k)
thaumartuge (470k)
selsya (500k)
jim cr (520k)
ombre (570k)
miss twice (650k)

my cr

kalindra (300k) x 1
casio (280k) x 1
emeth (240k) x1
slyth (230k) x1
dahlia (220k)
kolos (100k) x 5
cooper (105k) x2
ongh (120k) x 3
ratanah (155k) x 3

pm me
thank you

Want to buy Lamar Cr and Robb Cr message me with price for these 2

tuesday 27/06/2017


Kerozinn Cr full + 3 Djengo 0xp x Kerozinn Cr 0xp
Vickie Cr full + 3 Djengo 0xp vs Vickie Cr 0xp
Tessa Cr full + 3 Djengo 0xp vs Tessa Cr 0xp

Vickie Cr
Smokey Mt
Nahi Cr
Tessa Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Lamar Cr

Msg me with price thanks

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