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tuesday 27/06/2017

Looking to buy any cr you have pmme with prices thanks

Still looking! New values
Alec - 900k
Tan Man - 620k

I'm selling 0xp Splata cr. Looking for possible trades which include Jackie Cr and Smokey Mt...

Scarlett cr 2.9mil for either
Shawoman 2.4mil + 350k
sigmund cr 1.9mil + 850k
Rass cr single swap I may add
aldebaran cr 2.1mil + 650k
Sum sam I may add
Pm me

Estimate me pls buld of : 50 Miloz 30 regina 50 Dixie 50 Oxo all 0 xp ? to see what u offer
im interested in your buklk of Kawamashi Cr x 120 smiley

Lyse teria cr,scarlet cr, ndololo cr for sale pmme with offer or trades

Selling Floyd each at 14,480 clintz.

monday 26/06/2017

Reine cr sold

I Propose you 20 Regina 0 xp ! MP smiley

Poor darthy ;( ok im interested

Found, offer closed.

Up, i also have 12 cortez full to sell, 55k ea

Your Price?

Hey everyone, I have 201 Pearl 0xp
It's 16k for one pearl, all it's 3 216 000 chintz
I'm looking for cash, and cr
This sale takes end on Saturday 1 of july at 20H00

I am selling my cr cards
Reine cr
Kerozin cr

Dwain cr 0xp
vickie cr

Hello everyone...
I'm just looking for a copy more of Maana Cercei 0xp what do i value in 220K... and I only have the following letters to change:

Hawkins 0xp ... 18k
Jordygn 0xp ... 10K
Lyn Xia 0xp ... 13K
Rolph 0xp ... 13K
3 Hydraereva 0xp ... 16K each
Dracorah 0xp ... 26K
Shaker full ... 17k
Kinjo 0xp ... 40K
The Beast 0xp ... 15K
2 John O Clock 0xp ... 12K each

I can give up to 150K of complement depending on which letters you are interested in ... proposals only by this means

I have:

Shann Cr (57,000)


Rage (62,390)

I will pay the remaining cost in Clintz. PM me if interested.

sunday 25/06/2017

Bonjour! pour echange

Lot1) 100 Wee Lee 0xp (24k/t) +100.000c contre x10 Maana Cercei 0xp (250k/t)

Lot2) 100 Wee Lee 0xp (24k/t) +100.000c contre x10 Maana Cercei 0xp (250k/t)

Lot3) 100 Herman 0xp (14k/t) contre x5 Maana Cercei 0xp (280k/t)

Lot4) 100 Herman 0xp (14k/t) contre x5 Maana Cercei 0xp (280k/t)

Lot5) 200 Arturo 0xp (7k/t) contre x5 Maana Cercei 0xp (280k/t)


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