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sunday 25/06/2017


I'm looking for someone who will buy my Reine Cr 0xp, im looking for cash or playable CRs, no lots if possible.
PM me if you're interested smiley

Looking for both marshal and ymirah cr paying in cash message me ty

I have:

GraksmxxT Cr (74,640)
Raskal (15,890)
Suqi (1,599)


Rage (62,000)
Faiza (30,000)

I buy Christopher and Rust 0xp 1K4 each

privates sales

Bought Marshal

Okay 9.3, my bad

Looking to buy
Ymirah Cr

And any other card you got in bulk or alone cheaper than market price, pm me to talk more

saturday 24/06/2017

I would like to trade my 11 Terry 0 xp by
Fiddler 0xp 49 899

I an looking for Marshall paying some in cash and rest om trade pm me

Current lowest price is 116k
116x7= 812
38k short. If you can add the 38k in clints you got yourself a deal

friday 23/06/2017

Looking for dalhia cr , trading my poppy Mary 0 Xp pm me

1 ymirah cr 0 xp ?? vs 4 Maana Cercei 0 xp

Not at the moment, but thanks.

Looking to trade Beeboy 0xp for Hydraereva+ Gus rope+ John O Clock or 38k

Ursula and hawkins sold

I no longer need aldebaran, the rest of the offers are still smiley

Trade for Nereus and Surstorming 0xp?

As stated i'm looking for Dragan Cr (any xp)
I'm offering
3 Xantiax Robb Cr (0xp) 750k each (2.2m total)
Ymirah Cr (max) 750k
Total of 2.95m
I've other cards and am willing to negotiate
PM me for more information or offers

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