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friday 09/09/2016

No bro, your character in the market stay for some time, and if nobody buy it, your character going back to your collection! smiley

edited by ArtemisBZ friday 09/09/2016, 07:37

thursday 08/09/2016


Now i want to finish my lot of wanda,so if u have tell me smiley

I can pay:

1-50 Wanda = 5k/each
100-500 Wanda = 5,5k/Each
500-1000 Wanda = 6k/Each
1000+ Wanda 7k/Each

Thaks guys

50 Tameshi 0 xp ?

Thankyou to the 2 people that have helped, your cards have been sent smiley


I sell my 2 000 El Papa Gallo 0exp for 5 000 clintz each.

divisible into two lots of 1000 cards

wednesday 07/09/2016


I sell 350 Crowen 0exp for 5000 clintz each.


Hello everyone!

I would like to buy Mandy 0xp for 2,4k clintz each and Mandy full for 2,1k clintz each.

Direct in my private sells

Thanks smiley

Hi smiley

I want to buy your Drummond 0xp at 350 clint by card.

Cheers smiley

Also put it in my ps for 5k and ill send a yayoi to your ps

PLEASE specify the price that you want to sell it for

Private sales. As many as you have.

So im trading my Tabasco Fire 0xp for any xp of these cards

34 Tabasco Fire 0xp to Robb CR(200k)
27 0xp to Noctezuma Cr (170k)
16 0xp to Dr Copernica (100k)
15 0xp to Beck - Nena/Kinichaw Cr
12 0xp to Cortez
9 0xp to Koshiro/Byron
8 0xp to Fairbanks
7 0xp to Lowki/Joy/Karl/Buddy/Liona/Ruru

tuesday 06/09/2016

I have 300 Heegrn cr 0exp
I want to sell the whole lot for 6M clintz (20k each)
If you buy all 300 i will give you 10 for free.
Pm me for a faster response.

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