friday 22/03

3 Blaaster full + 1 Blaaster 0xp + 1 Vickie full + 1M for General?

Hello all,
I want to trade my
Gruber 0xp (100k)
Beeboy Cr full xp (380k)
+ 70k cash
for your Crook 0xp (550k)

PM me for a faster response.
Thanks! smiley

Yes that's end time

Maana Cercei if not accept only clintz

And we are done...

I bought one of these letters:


thursday 21/03

Please DM and post your offers here as well ! Another one smiley
Big CR are preferred (Guru cr, DJ Khorr Cr, Lyse Cr)
can't wait to read your offers !

And we are done..
This goes to legend

Looking for this characters or clintzs*: (wrong forum)

Cannibal JO CR
Ymirah CR
Tessa CR
Dagg CR
Maréchal CR
Boris CR
Mechakolos CR
Pr Cushing CR
Swidz CR
Lizbet CR

Armanda Cr NDololo Cr both 0xp and 2 million clintz for #General cr.

wednesday 20/03

Cortez sold

Hello, i want to make an exchange
I want to give Caelus Cr for Death Adder, i may also offer a little diference.

Waiting for offers, Thank you

66 Cortez 0xp 250k-t

Wonder Lana Cr 0xp 60k
Quetzal Cr 0xp 700k
Kinichaw Cr 0xp 270k
Noctezuma Cr 0xp 550k

4x Pr Cushing Cr - 570k/ea
2x Sledg Cr - 100k/ea
Kerry Cr - 160k/ea
11x Drakorah Cr - 190k/ea
3x Florida Jane Cr - 260k/ea
Sakura Cr - 60k/ea
Flo Cr - 50k/ea
3x Beeboy Cr - 380k/ea
2x Shann Cr - 240k/ea
4x Beef Cr - 58k/ea
Xantiax Robb Cr - 3.4kk/ea
9x Ymirah Cr - 2kk/ea
8x Oon Cr - 330k/ea
2x Ongh Cr - 520k/ea
Emeth Cr - 820k/ea
Mona Cr - 780k/ea
Spiaghi Cr - 60k/ea
5x Kolos Cr - 410k/ea
3x Hawkins Cr - 120k/ea
Elya Cr - 3.5kk/ea
Boris Cr - 200k/ea
2x Grudj Cr - 90k/ea
Splata Cr - 6kk/ea
14x Bankee Cr - 50k/ea
13x Thorpah Cr - 75k/ea
6x Toro Cr - 110k/ea
7x Askai Cr - 90k/ea
2x Gil Cr - 500k/ea
Veenyle Cr - 200k/ea
Jane Ramba Cr - 220k/ea
3x Ielena Cr - 100k/ea
8x Bloodh Cr - 160k/ea
2x Lizbeth Cr - 760k/ea
Beltran Cr - 740k/ea
7x Globumm Cr - 50k/ea
Guru Cr - 16.3kk/ea
Phonos Cr - 51k/ea
Cooper Cr - 400k/ea
Caelus Cr - 1.4kk/ea
6x Greem Cr - 60k/ea
Eddie Cr - 135k/ea
Lin Bee Cr - 50k/ea
2x Lulabee Cr - 140k/ea
16x Dorian Cr - 480k/ea
Jackie Cr - 1.7kk/ea
Jim Cr - 1kk/ea
2x Zatman Cr - 200k/ea
2x Drorb Cr - 50k/ea
3x Spyke Mt - 850k/ea
4x Pericles Mt - 600k/ea
3x Ratanah Mt - 765k/ea
3x Graksmxxt Mt - 530k/ea
5x Dregn Mt - 620k/ea

General Cr - 11,9kk
Sum Sam Cr - 7,6kk
Ndololo Cr - 4,2kk
Berserkergirl Cr - 3,8kk
Flavio Cr - 3,3kk
Rass Cr - 2,6kk
Shawoman Cr - 2,1kk
Aldebaran Cr - 1,6kk
Selsya Cr - 1,2kk
A Award Cr - 900k
Thaumaturge Cr - 800k
Diyo Cr - 600k
Swidz Cr - 600k
Gelner Cr - 600k
Seldnor Cr - 500k

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