sunday 01/03/2015

saturday 28/02/2015

Anyone managed to complete Oryon's mission yet? I am making very slow progress.

Veenyle cr marco cr

sunday 22/02/2015

Possibly make Ambre: Growth: Power +1?
Or Courage: Growth: Power +1?

saturday 21/02/2015

Rb is not available in packs anymore.

tuesday 17/02/2015

You get a hug too jamox!

sunday 15/02/2015

hot logo UR 154 messages

@waste ROFL

thursday 12/02/2015

Fix is on board for deployment smiley
I'll close this old topic (use the new one pinned)

Khaali - Harmonia (Riots)

wednesday 11/02/2015

Ignore my delusion above smiley 10 wins gets you the Rb and a perfect gets you the Rb and 3 credits smiley

sunday 08/02/2015

Some are your comment actually agreeing with me.
so thanks
but many of your card u mention is 5 star and not COMMON.
anyway don,t you guys think they should release Riots bonus as ability by now.

thursday 05/02/2015

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are GHEIST, Nightmare, Riots, and Vortex.

wednesday 04/02/2015

I don't understand why everyone is complaining.
UR does a great job its very much a free game, with the missions credits are available. As for "profit" so what. They are not a charity.

sunday 01/02/2015



tuesday 27/01/2015

Creditos 500

saturday 24/01/2015

sunday 18/01/2015

Grah! 4 points from finishing the posion mission and ppl keep timing out on me.... in TRAINING MODE... who does that? seriously??

saturday 10/01/2015

^ +1
add Rescue, Montana, La Junta into the list smiley

thursday 08/01/2015

Im looking forward to the next edition. hopefully with a more balanced card pool

i imagine it will be back shortly...

wednesday 07/01/2015


IMHO I think some (if not all) of these new clan missions are a little underprized!!!! smileysmileysmileysmiley

Really, can see why do such thing!?! If new missions are launched why not urge people to do them with nicer and fair prizes?
My opinion, anyways.

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