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friday 23/06/2017

I have both of those, sorry.

thursday 22/06/2017

Also new estimation/offer:


Lao Cr (2.8 million)

for your:

Shawoman Cr (2.4 million)
Marco Cr (80K)
Dalhia Cr (240K)

Or You can take out Marco and Dalhia for 400K clintz

Buy all angora, ulawele, 20 cell and 11 Janine 0xp smiley

I offer 150k for Emeth cr.

I give up on this trade. Thanks anyways.

Not looking for berserkgirl cr anymore.

wednesday 21/06/2017

Beltran 0xp?

Vickie cr
70 dolly cr
sylth cr
all 0xpsmiley

Not interested I quetzal or maana ... just cards I mentioned.
I could accept the xantiax, and maybe ymirah. But not the other cards .

tuesday 20/06/2017

Hi, im willing to buy these cards
gonzo 5k
Nereus 15k
Surstorming 27k
Ethane 18k
Hydraereva 25k
please note that im not looking for lots
also the xp doesnt matter
pm me or post here on the forum .

Open to negotiations, 475k cash and its yours. Worth around 500k in market

Looking to buy Maana Cercei for 125k + Beeboy 0xp

Sorry need to update the list from last night.
5 Boris Cr (full) @ 25 per
6 Kawamashi Cr (0) @ 15 per
13 Lin Bee Cr (full) @ 3k per
And one Noctezuma Cr @ 95k

Hi! Wanna buy Vickie Cr + Kerozinn Cr and sell Kreen Cr
PM me with your offers!

I have tanaereva cr now.

I want to trade my A Award Cr 0xp + 30 k for Caelus Cr (preferably 0xp)

monday 19/06/2017

Sorry force of habit. Marshal is full exp

Trading Melissa Cr for Dalhia Cr +Maana Cercei and 40k Clintz

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