wednesday 30/01/2008

Hey it's me the Founder of the Magicians Guild, and well I have like 130 doubles...
You want one?
All levels welcome,

Aussie battler''s:

Yer upperclass or clan anialation

12 turning 13 on april....................

Yea thats it

I'll help train. also i'm looking for people to join the autobots guild

Bane Haven:

Link to guild:

tuesday 29/01/2008

I hav just made a guild called the reepers and i need members fast or else my guild will be deleted
the first 8 people 2 join will be admins
check out the guild athttp

Http:// Link to there guild <_<

Im looking for United States citizens who have a love for the bangers and want to join my guild urban mafia(the american version).

Uild of hope:

Hey ever wanna join a kool clan well anyway if you wanna here is my guild we have our own website and if you want to make movies i will teach you so join, get your friends to join, cve77 is leader so ask him to make movies c u if you join The clan is called urban rival masters

Thank u Ground Zero

logo UR 1 messages

Accutly no guild sells cards sorry smiley but mine makes them we have a speacil web site for it
i forgot the lv requiments though we have over 100 members

Join us at The Coven! We are always looking for new members!

We have active boards and I hold a Movie quote game every week and give away card prizes.


And this where the link is for you to join "where hell awakens"

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