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tuesday 19/07/2016

Hi i look for the next cards

Kinichaw Cr => 78k
Uchtul Cr => 75k
Shaakarti Cr => 76k

I offer this card

Oshitune 25k
Pastor 26k
Slyde Cr 20k full o 0 xp
Chad Bread Cr 95k
Hikiyousan 25k
Lulabee 16k
Nellie 10K
Oxen 9k full o 0 xp
Askai 9.5k full o 0 xp
Taham 17 k
Pilzken 40ksmiley

More 100k in clintz

Looking to get rid of my Melissa Cr for around 600k. I also accept trades of any kind just no lots above 10. Pm me offers if you are interested

Hi everyone!

I want all this Cr x1:

- Berserkgirl Cr = 1,4M
- Manon Cr = 1,55M
- Rass Cr = 1,75M
- Scarlett Cr = 1,9M
- Sum Sam Cr = 2,15M
- Lamar Cr = 2,3M
- Marlysa Cr = 2,7M

You can send to my private sales smiley

Card traded closing the forum

HI, I would like to buy yours:

50 x Pr Cushing 0 xp (53k/t)
50 x Mildred 0 xp (27k/t)

I can offer:

2 Sylth Cr 0 xp (210k/t)
4 Grudj 0 xp (27k/t)
7 x Ruru 0 xp (44k/t)
10 x Djengo (25,5 k/t)

Please, send mp because I forget to read forum sometimes

monday 18/07/2016


Como dice el titulo cambio a ombre por cartas jugables o otras cr de momento no busco nada especifico escucho ofertas los valoro a 500k

Hi! I want to trade or sell Zatman Cr Lvl 1 (Market Value), Fiddler Lvl 2 (Market Value), Striker Rb Lvl 1 (Market Value), Gertrud Rb (Market Value) and Steve Rb (Market Value)

I'm Looking For:
- Numar
- Wee Lee
- Wooly
- Chel
- Hikiyousan
- Oraya
- Moai
- Serena
- Bogdan
- Madelone
- Liona
- Olga
- Grudj
- Antoinette
- Baldovino
- Akendram
- Matriochka
- Rhyno
- Piotr

PM me With Offers!

Or [Trade] My Rowdy Cr +15k for your Emeth Cr


4 Mechakolos Cr 0xp - 114k/t
15 Walker 0xp - 33k/t

Je Recherche:
Sabrina 0xp - 17.5k/t
Fairbanks 0xp - 41k/t
Pr Balthazar 0xp - 37k/t
El Mariachi 0xp - 25k/t
Mim 0xp - 20k/t
Antoinette 0xp - 20k/t


My 8 dolly cr at 15k for your mechakolos cr at 120k
i can do this 62 times, if you have all 62 mechakolos cr I will give you and extra 4 dolly cr if you have 30 ill give you an extra 2

Why does everyone say stricker lol

Its striker !

sunday 17/07/2016


I propose ombre cr + 2 eddie cr 0xp for your ambrose cr

10 emeth cr 0xp

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