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sunday 07/05/2017

I trade this cards for any card of similar price preferably gheist, montana, huracan or rescue

Trade is done for all of them close thread pls

Tessa Cr is 300k more then Vickie. smiley

Hi i buy Armanda cr 2.5 milion cash smiley


maana + quetzal 250k
tana 450k
Good luck smiley

saturday 06/05/2017

3 quetzal 0xp on your pv (ps?) smiley

It was sold by market...

Trade is done close thread pls

friday 05/05/2017

I want:

Rage any xp (245k)

For my:

Maana Cercei 0xp (162K)
+ 90k clintz

Got it , i will close this thread now

Not looking for elya cr anymore...
Vickie cr and 21 Locke gone.

I will close this thread. If this is still valid, make another thread and post the evaluations of each of those cards.

Adjusted the tagging. Good luck smiley

Hi. Please write the value of your evaluations for Lowki 0 xp and Guru cr.

This is to facilitate a better transparency. Thank you.

Are u intersted in rex sweig or ram (0xp all)?

Mods you can close this down

Selling or trading 750 magnar 0xp. 4.5k each.
looking for clintz or a lot of rare nb

Hi! I want to sell Cassio Cr much more cheaper that market offers) PM me if you interested!

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