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monday 19/06/2017

Lol when i posted the prices was less then today smiley

kinichaw cr 0xp 80k,
sando 0xp 4k
maana cercei 200k
quetzal 0xp 250k

then :

5 kinichaw cr 0xp vs 2 maana cercei 0xp
3 kinichaw cr 0xp + 2 sando 0xp vs 1 quetzal 0xp

Hi people!
I'm sellin' 429 Donald 0 xp.
You could find the offer out of market,but there are 2 reasons for that:
1-He's goin out of nb,the price will lift
2- the number of copies is much higher than the current one in mkt

Said that you are free to not agree,but write or here or pm me only if interested,please

10k for 1 copy,thinkin he'll grow up soon.

Total 4.29 kk
I look for cash and(only):
Marlysa cr 2kk
Tessa Cr 1.3kk
Sigmund Cr 2kk
Lao Cr 1.8kk
Elya Cr 1.6kk


Still looking for! I can also accept DJ Korr/kiki cr at 10m500k, i will put the difference in clintz

250 rubie 0xp 17500 pd (4375k)

1) Splata cr full 1400k
2) lamar cr full 1700k
3) tessa cr full 1500k
4) elya rc full 1300k
5) Maana Cercei (190k)
6) a-award 0xp (380k)
7) skullface oxp (400k)
8 ) cash

210 Zinfrid 0xp 2200 pd (462k)

1) cash
2) Maana Cercei (190k)
3) a-award 0xp (380k)
4) skullface oxp (400k)

Want 0xp Rob Cr 160k ctz

Why can't the prices of all big 5 be the same l, stay at 10m, all xps please so we can do straight swaps

sunday 18/06/2017

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on. smiley

2 messages

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on. smiley

saturday 17/06/2017

My offer still stands smiley

Melissa VR for Maana Cercei + Shaan Cr + Victor Vaan Dort and rest in Clintz or other cards.
Valuation at 480k

If you search for others piranas ask me

Hello Everyone,

I'm buying Surstorming today for 28,500 Clintz.

As of tomorrow, the offer stands at 28,000 Clintz only.

I'm prepared to buy 10 more today.

Looking to sell Reine Cr for 500,000
That is 50k below next market value

friday 16/06/2017

I am looking to trade Melissa Cr.
I value her at 480k(10k less than market value).
I am willing to trade for card + clintz.
Interested in Maana Cercei, Victor Van Dort, Shann Cr.

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