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friday 15/07/2016

Tormentah , Lokwi

I close the thread
Thanks to everyone.

Hi guys!
I want to trade/sell lots
150 Magnar 0 exp (4.8k each)
40 Angora 0 exp (500 each)
20 Cindy 0 exp (4k each)
Cards I'm looking for:
1x Konrad
1x Clive
3x La Bestia
1x Lowki
1x Tormentah
1x Sah Brinak
1x El Divino
1x Kinichaw cr
1x Noctezuma cr
1x Copper cr

Post any offer via PM

Vte 90 Dyan 0xp - 800/t.

Popyi popp ppopipp piippu opr';llihjsu

Everything has been traded closing the forum

thursday 14/07/2016

[Sale] Page CR for 104,000
I will also trade it for other good CRs.

I will buy 4x Noctezuma Cr for 600 000, i can buy any amount 1-4 for 150 000 each

My Miss Twice Cr 0 xp for Reine Cr 0 xp
My Miss Twice Cr full xp for Reine Cr full xp

Bump. XU-Kr4ng is sold. Still looking for Smokey Cr and/or Dalhia Cr

Jackie cr full + impera sloane 0xp + galactea 0xp done?

C dusk -0xp- - 74k
galactea -0xp- - 94k
impera sloane -0xp- - 115k
2 jackie cr -full- - 425k C/U
skullface cr -semi evo- - 398k

wednesday 13/07/2016

I need 2 b16 s3etra 0xp im willing to trade katja for one or buy them both 650c please or if u are gen and dont want them u can sell for 50c ty have a good day smiley


added to the list 12 sigma cr full of what i have

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me or any other moderators a private message.

Trade my 2 Impera Sloane for one ymirah.
I valued Impera Sloane at 120k.
Total 240k for one ymirah.
Pm me if you are interested. Thanks.

Willing to add Kazayan full ep
so that is my Kazayan 32k and Jim Cr (0xp) 520k
for your Robb Cr 180k and Blaaster Cr 330k

I buy
11x Moai 9000 ctz each
33x Mandy 2700 ctz each

Just send them directly to my private sales.

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