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sunday 27/08/2017

Update: splata was sold and offering 4.5 mil instead of splata and 3.2 mil

Hello everyone!
Im selling a copy of Dounia Cr and I'm looking for 320 000 Clintz


Pm for more info/other possible trades

saturday 26/08/2017

18 drakorah traded vs 5 maana cercei !

15 drakorah cr left

Trading 12 copies of Uranus for Serafina. 0 or full your choice

Ymirah 0xp for xantiax robb 0xp?


I'm buying all of your Chiara cr 0xp for 53k/each ! smiley

Stop posting up bro it's one avg card you're selling. Just sell it on the market

I propose you 7 uranus 0 xp + 15 drakorah cr 0 xp . i realy cant propose you more then this offer smiley

answer me in mp & thanks smiley

I sell 4 kerozinn Cr for 1M/t

or trade with lots rage , lots marshall , lots cannibal jo

I have:

6 Heartnett 0xp (11K each)
470K clintz

for your

Serafina (510K)

friday 25/08/2017

Hey now I am estimating him at 360k.
I want to trade him for
Dalhia Cr
Chiara Cr
Please help me out guys.

Got all these cards for trade

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