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saturday 03/09/2016

Ah yes!

Merci man!

Thank you for all your help Dan_Clep smiley

Are you interested in 2 Kalindra Cr?

Im selling 1000 Christelle 0xp 30k/T


I search :
- DJ Korr Cr 11.5M/T
- Kenny Cr 0xp 200k/T
- Reine Cr 0xp 520k/T
- Ymirah 0xp 280k/T
- Ongh 0xp 140k/T
- Zatman Cr 0xp 100k/T
- Spyke 0xp 85k/T
- XU52 0xp 27k/T
- Salsa 0xp 16k/T
- Rockwall 0xp 17k/T
- Regina 0xp 19k/T
- Vera 0xp 1.8k/T
- X-0DUS 0xp 45k/T

offers welcome

I have:
2 x Kalindra Cr FULL, 450k-500k each, depending on the market.

To complement trades, I have
50k clintz
1 Drak 0xp (30k-55k, depending on market)
1 Sasha Full (9k)
1 Dr Falkenstein Full (7.5k)

I'm looking for these cards at ANY xp:
1 Ymirah (280k)
1 Rex Sweig (150k)
1 Impera Sloane(115k)
1 Rattle (48k)
1 Zaria (45k)
1 Drakorah(39k)
1 Wilde (25k)
1 Shaker (24k)
1 Mim (22k)
1 Brutus (17k)

PM me!
I'm open to ALL offers, even cards not on my list.
The prices are market price at the time of trade. The card I want the most right now is Ymirah.

465k each, Accepting trades, PM me!

Current lowest price 45k I put 4 on private sale.

You pay in cash?

friday 02/09/2016

Hey all. I'm looking for general cr(9 mil) and kiki cr (10 mil) , what i'm offering is 10 mil cash and 90 spyke 0 xp (9mil). Thanks for reading

15000/copy now

Market Price is 19500

Hello everyone
I want to sell 1500 Magnar 0xp for 3900 clintz / copy
Market Price of Magnar is 4400 clintz
I want cash in exchange

thursday 01/09/2016

It's 95k for both 0xp and Full on the market... plus, it's going to drop to about 40k soon.

I got it

Willing to cut deal if I bought 3?

Looking for:
Vickie Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Lamar Cr

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