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wednesday 25/01/2017

14x copies of Ymirah Cr sold for Guru Cr.

Closing the thread, but still have 5x copies left of Ymirah. 0xp. PM if interested smiley

Selling ombre cr 0xp for 410000 clintz


I propose :

300 Dr Alma 0xp for 7,5k/u

I search :
- Cash
- Dounia cr 0xp : 340k/u
- Ymirah cr 0xp : 700k/u
- Tanaereva cr 0xp : 450k/t
- Quetzal 0xp : 420k/t

I have 36 0xp Ginnifer to sell


quote your offers

Im soory bro it's done

The 70k is out of the deal so we're clear. At the moment the deal is my 0xp xan robb for the 0xp caelus cr and 0xp dounia cr.

I have Jackie Cr (sell or trade)

I am selling/trading => Jackie Cr

tuesday 24/01/2017

Up to 2.65M cash

650k cash + 1 nexus 0exp like i offered you in pm smiley

If you are intrested to selo send me a PM
I AM looking for 550-630k

Trading 55 x Pr Balthazar 0xp for 1 Sum Sam Cr, any xp.

Offer is not negotiable.

Pm me for a faster response, thanks!

Reb0rned: just trade or sell, can't add cash by my side. Thanks smiley

Hi all trade my Kiki cr 0 xp(9.2 kk) vs Lyse (9kk).
The difference,250k,by cash.
Pm me!!smiley

Haha. shoot

4x rowdy cr 0xp (105k)
4x edd cr 0xp (75k)
3x yayoi cr 0xp (95k)
1x sigma cr 0xp (50k)

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