sunday 13/01/2008

Also i just wanted to add heres a new guild thats ALLYS WITH THIS ONE JUST STARTING SO JOIN US TOO ITS Apostles OF hell WERE ALLYS SO WELL HELP ECHOTHER OUT SO JOIN ALSO ADD AotS_to ure name if u join either its like so people will know who we r ty and if im making u made hades srry

We have an ally guild to help us they r Apostles of the Stars join us or them wed love if u joined mine

Join us 5+aceepted we have a lly guild alredy so join the ally guild is Apostles of the Stars


puppies!!! smiley

Ok, you joined and then left...smiley

Anyone else?

Join my guild its aim is to become the best guild in ur and to make some good friends aloung the way.
it is for english memebers only and for lvl 15s and over

Goodfellin 24:

saturday 12/01/2008

We are built on teamwork and help each other level up. We do by the US Army Core Values. 1. Loyalty 2. Duty 3. Respect 4. Selfless-Service 5. Honor 6. Integrity 7. Personal Courage. Which everyone is welcome to join. Just need to follow the Seven Core Values. We are a family and soldiers. We will wear the Guild name proud and with honor.

I do give out offers for you to become one of my admins when there is a spot open. Soon, we will have a buddy system. If you are wondering about if we are like a military... We are not! Message me or message blackdragon22. We will give you more information.

Just to let you know... Once you reach to a level or you been with over two weeks. Willing to stay with us... We will help you to become the best. Get the cards you need.

Join our guild >>>>ShAdoW FrEakS<<<< smileysmileysmiley
the coolest guild ever.....smileysmiley
and also have new friends...smiley
note: the guild will only accept MASTER LVL. 20. AND UP

JOIN URBAN HEROES ~ #8 in the UK rank

The clan of the clouds:

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Want to join dark ownage guild then go to

p.s : Only join u can understand english

thank you Morganboi smiley

Plz join my guild its called the clan of the clouds.


friday 11/01/2008

Join THE CLAN we are a very active and friendy guild we have tounaments and we have loads of things on are guilds message board and we are very easy to get on with. just follow this hyper link and prosolute anybody can join and we will help anybody with thier proplems in are guild. join us what are you waiting for

I rejoin your equipe

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