wednesday 09/03/2016

Fine lol I have them as actions buy them and Ill give you 26k for a card

tuesday 08/03/2016

No and its allready sold smiley

Kreen Cr 0xp for 130k clintz only
thanks smiley

Hello, I buy :

Sigma Cr full : 35.000/u
Sigma Cr 0xp : 42.000/u
Shann cr 0xp : 72.000/u
Shaakarti cr 0xp : 62.000/u

In vp, I have some Cr for trading too smiley

0 xp or full xp dj korr = guru

Thank you.. But i think that he doesn't want to break his bulk :/

yoiu need o estimaet your cards and the cards you search smiley
ty !

monday 07/03/2016

I value melody at about 60k. I am looking for anything close to that value, other than cards like newbloods and rb cards. I will also accept a small lot of miss xingshu. Message me or write your answer here.

sunday 06/03/2016

Hello, i buy

Sigma cr 0xp : 40.000/t
Sigma cr full : 31.000/t

in my vp smiley

Good luck!!

saturday 05/03/2016

You might get her if you trade 70 0xp Mokra + 3.5M cash. smiley

My splata CR + 7k for your splata CR 0xp

Hello everyone!

I would like to trade my Kerozinn Cr for Vickie Cr + 125k

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