monday 07/01/2008

Close this mods hes in the clan

Hey to all you newbies, are you looking for a new and rapidly growing guild?? do you want some with urban rivals?? then please join our guild EVOLUTION OF DESTRUCTION

Want to know a bit more about our guild?? then read on....>>>>our guild is australian based we accept all lvl players, and are willing to train you all cards welcome! help us to stay in the top 20 australian guilds! and who knows maybe even help us become number 1. please just pm me with your request to our guild and we will consider having you. our motto at this guild is: help us to help you!

Yes i recommend the clan

Good luck with your guild


Looking for a guild? Then you must check out the new guild $ksk. It is a guild that have friendly environment and supportive team mates. Don't miss the chance!

Some people conduct there business in private without spamming me or the board. I have a guild now but thanks for the interest angus.

sunday 06/01/2008

In just 4 days 20 members

We allowed all level playersmiley

Thts right

I'm still recuiting players to join
I've got the most and most strongest members in my guild. come check us out!!!!

Join THE CLAN we are a very active and friendy guild we have tounaments and we have loads of things on are guilds message board and we are very easy to get on with just follow this hyper link and prosolute anybody can join and will help anybody with thier proplems in are guild join us what are you waiting for

Apostles of the stars in the place to be. we can help u get the cards u need

I might consider it...

saturday 05/01/2008



I'm lvl 27 and I'd like to join an active, english ,german,latvian speaking clan! Sy

To join Bioshock go here and postulate:

Anyone who wants to join go to this link and postulate:

Anyone who wants to join Smurfy Assasins League should go this link and postulate:

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