tuesday 18/09/2018

I have many full xp cards from GHEIST, Montana, Nightmare, and Vortex. What do you want for Behemoth, Maana Cercei, or Marshal Cr. Or should I just give you clintz?

monday 17/09/2018

0 exp Sigma Cr 200k


I buy :
7 Nemo Mt 0xp 3M100k per head
30 Kenny Mt 0xp 1M per head
50 Dregn Mt 0xp 570k per head

Thank you

Hello everyone
I'd like to trade/sell my Selsya Cr (980k) for:

Maana Cercei (620k)
Sobek (200k)
Numar (140k)

Or cash

Hi, schnokumseses!

Offering my Tanaereva Cr full + 250k clintz for your Xantiax Robb Cr any XP.

Send me a PM and thanks!!!


N'Dololo CR 0xp 3.6M
Beeboy CR Full xp 324k

Also have:

Beeboy CR Full xp 335k

I take either clintz or cards that rank up to a similar amount as i'm asking. smiley

sunday 16/09/2018

Update. Now looking for tessa, splata and armanda.


DJ Korr Cr 0xp (20.5m)


#Canníbal Jo Cr 0xp (10M)
Nemo Mt 0xp (3.14M)
#B Mappe 0xp (2'5M)
Sentenza 0xp (505k)
Comanche 0xp (600k)

TOTAL- 16.745M
For the difference I accept cash up to 20m

DJ Korr traded. Please close post. Thanks!

saturday 15/09/2018

$490,000,000 vs 10 Zigal 0xp

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