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wednesday 09/01/2008

... i lost the game smiley i was doing well for 2 months

Hi, if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask in the forums.

tuesday 08/01/2008

Well the king for got a link to his guild so here it is


It seems no one wants to join your guild....

Xavier52 at waryammer if your interested. I read alot of your posts, good luck with your guildsmiley

Join THE CLAN we are a very active and friendy guild we have tounaments and we have loads of things on are guilds message board and we are very easy to get on with. just follow this hyper link and prosolute anybody can join and we will help anybody with thier proplems in are guild. join us what are you waiting for

Go right ahead and apply Sensei358. We will accept you when you have.

New Guild lookin for Friendly players that wanna play for the fun

I use to be a lvl 48 b4 it was banned for playing against own guildmates but i am looking to start a guild with sum1 i will be don8ing to the top person with battle points for the week months and i will hold tournaments amung our own guild for a prize and just looking for ppl to just kick bak with and have fun o yeah and WIN

I'm back to drapht, i postulated to UC and the picture takes time to change
mods you can close thread now, i think

yep, sure, close

monday 07/01/2008

It's new and I'd rather the guild not be deleted smiley.

All we require is that you speak english, pass that and you're in!

I'm a level 5 but have just found the message boards. I currently only have about 9 cards and have only won 3 times (2/3 times against people who used all their pill things on one card) Is there any way to actually win a game?

I just started a guild plz join message me if u want in 21 st piru bloodz

Wat lvl are you if ur higher than 5 join my guild all are welcome

Hi i just started a new guild all are welcome to join up ..just apply

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