monday 18/04/2016

Still availablesmiley

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Sorry revise and already sold in the market , excuse the inconvenience smiley

sunday 17/04/2016

---UPDATE on both what I'm looking for and what I offer: found Scarlett Cr, sold some stuff, got some cash --- I'm looking for:
- Armanda Cr --> 1800k
- Marlysa Cr --> 1800k
- Flavio Cr --> 1000k

Full or 0xp, same valuation. Prices are negotiable (within limits :*)

I offer:
- 375k (right now, might have more when you get in touch)

- 1x Jackie Cr full 340k/t --> 1020k
- 1x Miss Twice Cr 0xp 550k/t --> 550k
- 25x Boris Cr 0xp 21.5k/t --> 537.5k
- 1x Caelus Cr full 270k/t --> 270k
- 2x Kenny Cr full 125k/t --> 250k
- 1x Copper Cr full 120k/t --> 120k
- 375k cash

Other cards:
- 25x Glenn 0xp 7.9/t --> 197.5k
- 25x Betelgeuse 0xp 6.7/t --> 167.5k
- 10x Rekved 0xp 7.4k/t --> 74k tot

write me in private!

Thanks u all smiley

Dwain Cr - 300K
Ambrose Cr - 450K

saturday 16/04/2016

Actually i changed my mind, sorry smiley

Hye !
i sell a lot of 50 dagg cr 0xp 115k for each
the lot can be devided

negotiable smiley

friday 15/04/2016

Hi Guys, I'm Selling Slayer 0 xp for 185k! I Can also trade it for Frozn, Vortex, La Junta or Raptors Cards! PM Me Please

Ok i just got paid alot but im going to donate it to you guys first pm gets some cridits fyi i buy 100 cridits each

Kalindra Cr 298k
Caelus Cr 282k

Total:580k min. in the market.

I can offer 500k cash and some cards up to 540k total.

If anyone interested pm.

Eduardo, 0xp
Selina 8 0xp, 2 full xp
Dregn 0xp
Shaakarti 0xp
everything else is full xp

10 Pr Cushing 0xp 57k/t --> 570k tot

10 Rekved 0xp 7.4k/t --> 74k tot

20 Glenn 0xp 8k/t --> 160k tot

looking for cash!

thx! smiley

Also buying Trish 16k/t

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