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monday 23/05/2016

Upp :
Lin Xia 20k
Stalfhaust 25k
XU52 29k
Koshiro 39k
Leviatonn 44k
Ruru 40k
Crazy Carlo 22k
Aamir 32k
Byron 40k
Ongh 108k
Locke 38k
Glover 32k
Fairbanks 44k
Vermaire 29k
Dr Elisa 24k
Kolos 72k
Parmabarb 32k
Selma 25k
IronJaw 42k
Bloodh 27k
Hawkins 33k
Slayer 40k
Charlie 76k
Impera Sloane 105k
Buddy 34k
Reeve 19k
Pr Cushing 44k
Ratanah 41k
Shakra 90k
Uranus 50k
Earl 29k
Geoffrey 26k
ZRobbie 27k
Beck - Nena 60k
Wooly 26k
Chel 25k
Lady 61k
Josephine 21k

I can offer (only trade) :

Heegrn Cr 0 xp 20k/t
Oflgn 0 xp 10k/t
Anibal 0 xp 8k/t
Deea 0 xp 3k/t
cash to complete an offer.


1.100.000 cash if 0xp 1.050.000 if full

sunday 22/05/2016

What are you trading with your Kiki Cr? I have Korr and I am looking to trade

saturday 21/05/2016

If you buy 100: 10800 each
if you buy all the 500: 10500 each

Any xp, just throw them in my private sale for 1900 clintz.
Or PM me if prices change and you want them for a bit more like 2000 clintz.

Thank you.

I'm trading 195 zodiack mixed xp for 1099 a piece. I will accept:
Bryan rb: 60k
Dragomir: 100k
Rex swieg: 80k
A lot of sparkle 0xp at 1800 each

Maybe other things, message me or write offers here.

I have 28 0xp give me your offer

For Jackie Cr (350k), Zatman Cr (100k), and GraksmxxT (70k) as it says above smiley

Thanks bro, ill think it through

Looking for a tanaevera cr no matter if xP0 or full offer
Emeth Cr140k + Wee Lee 45k + Karrion 23k + 2 xp0 Eddie Cr 100k + 1 xp full 47k +GraksmxxT 70k +Vermyn N 80k =505 vs tanaevera cr 500k
DDA : Also I listen Other Offerssmiley

friday 20/05/2016

You should have them back now.

300 prince jr 0xp + 50 gastroboy 0xp for your drakorah 0xp ?

or 50 shaker 0xp vs 24 drakorah 0xp + copper cr 0xp + jackie cr 0xp + 1 josephine 0xp ?

Page cr. I dont have nahi cr

Have some get some for 2000 each
I have ten for sale
If you want to buy it a higher
Name your prize

Really? why?

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