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thursday 29/09/2016

200k if you want my 0 exp Mona Cr

I can give u miss Sloane if u still want..

U selling mona cr

And DJ is gone.

wednesday 28/09/2016


Vu ma grossière de tout à l'heure c'est pas 18 Tanaereva OXP mais 16 smiley

16 Tanaereva Cr OXP
1 Splata Cr OXP

Contre la belle Lyse Teria Cr smiley

My bad i mean 16 Tanaereva Cr OXP + Splata Cr OXP

tuesday 27/09/2016

I'am selling my Kalindra Cr for 455k. Looking just for Clintz though.


I would like your DOunia Cr 0 xp (395k)

I offer :

10 Fastbender 0 xp 100k
10 Heegrn Cr 0 xp 200k
1 Dagg Cr 0 xp 95k

395k vs your Dounia Cr 0 xp smiley


monday 26/09/2016

Close this thread plz thanks

Close this thread... got a good guy offer

Impera sloane 0xp for your 3 lowki 0xp

Hi, i sell my Rass cr for 1 650 000 clintz
Or trade for vickie cr+400k.
Thanks smiley

sunday 25/09/2016

Still wouldn't but it for 5k
I can buy so many Bob Jodys for 5k
You don't compare

Leviatonn, Ursula, Hawk, Beck - Nena total 268k for
Dalhia Cr 269k?

Update :

still have :

Mim X3
Arantxa X2
Friskah X2
Dashiell X3

still need :

Noctezuma Cr

310 heegrn cr 0xp + 2m cash for general smiley

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