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friday 28/12/2007

Come and join the shadow knights!!!! its a new clan that needs more people

Not a bad speech but sorry i got a guild

Im an Admin of a guild that speaks English. We'll take you as a great member if you join!

thursday 27/12/2007

Go to this place:


To join TRFOCC, pretty much the best guild you'll ever stumble upon.
Open to all levels and all clans, because we don't discriminate! smiley

Be you a ninja, a pirate, a jedi, or a sith, you're welcome there!

Reruiting drop me a msg if u wanna join
garanteed a place


Hi everybody im ultimate523 founder of the guild Ultimate Destroyers I would like to have as many people as I can get to join.

smileysmileyIm starting up a guild,(¯`·.._.· Urban Rulers·._..·´¯smiley,msg me or my sister koanin if u want in(we will get back to you with a postulate request soon)ty for readin,


Join "The Guild Of Elite Cucumbers" we are a bit of a new guild but stronge and growing fast all are welcome ! smiley

The cucumber fortolde the world would be ruled by cucumbers some day.. so join up now and you will be a ruler! A cucumberian! smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

wednesday 26/12/2007

smiley Bor-Plague, your a lame little copy cat

Tech n9ne..
If you made the c in company a k
it would be tech.

Level 13 only if any uk player wants to join we want to be the best guild in uk but its going to take a little bit of work to do this with uk players help we can make it big and make it the best

I am lookimg for level 15 and above to join my guild , we are the top 5 in the england guild ranking, but we are aiming to be number 1,so we need u guys. U can never be strong on ur own

Sum1 msg me if u want me in your guild,noob guild or not,i know u may look at my lvl and say im pathetic but i have arvery single rescue,freaks,all stars,and 2 of each leader,other then that i have 116 cardssmileysmiley,and ive been playing this game since 2001(long sory bot that)neway,im no noob,trust me,u let me in ur guild,ull have a hell of an ace up ur sleeve...smileysmiley

Wanna join the guild..... any level will do!!!

Hey fellow players, think you are not good enough to join a guil,well don't worry because in Rejects Fighters of Clint City(don't judge a book by it's cover because we are very strong players) we will help you level up so you can go the special places to fight or whatever your need for leveling up is.Here are some reasons you should join:
1.Our guild room is set up as a training room so you can gain more experience for your deck
2.We choose a new admin for every five new players,which will be chose by who is highest or sometimes we will choose you by random or for another reason
3.We will do our best to get you those cards you need to build your deck even stronger,not just that we will sell it too you HALF off or lower than usual price
Now reasons we need you to join:
1.We need more players to make our guild number one of the world
Now here comes the requirements,sighs:
1.They are none anybody is accepted we just ask when you join to please requirt friends neighbors relatives even your own pet if they play
So please join our guild

tuesday 25/12/2007

Above 6 means above average... think about it
i want 5 more members of this guild to create a crew of 6 elite players

There is no need to make multiple threads about one guild.

Aberto a todos os jogadores brasileiros k kiserem fazer parte de um bom guild
do level 5 e acima
sem restrições
não importa o grau de idade
podem vir!!!!

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