thursday 18/02/2016

wednesday 17/02/2016

Bonjour, je voudrais tous tes lots 0xp, mp moi et nous pouvons discuter

e.g Draheera 10k/t

Bonjour, je voudrais tous tes lots 0xp, mp moi et nous pouvons discuter

e.g draheera 10k/t

Wait 3-6 weeks impera sloane will be abt 40-60k

don't buy it 100/e it's waste of cash smiley

59 Malicia 0xp for 7.5k/unit (market price)=442,5k
I acepp cash and crs (caelus cr=200k, kalindra cr=200k, kenni cr=100k, Award Cr=390K and other crs, make you offer)

Award sold.
Skullface=380k (his price go high), no slow price or 400k in lots card

527 clintz per card is the Max, i afford to buy from you all privatly!!

Thanks smiley

tuesday 16/02/2016

Bonjour, je voudrais;
990 0xp Nastanovix 300c/t
906 0xp Kousto 300c/t
928 0xp Nunavik 300c/t

dans vp

j'ai aussi des crs et lots, mp moi

Looking to trade my 200 copies of Aamir 0 xp. I value them at 23k each for trade but will sell for 21.5k cash or trade for usable Cr lots..


326 Akendram 0 xp 25000 / tete
50 Dr Norton Cr 0 xp 11000 / tete
Kiki Cr full xp 8.3M
4 Mona full xp 210000 / tete


Miss Xingshu 0 xp 15000 / tete
Shaker 0 xp 19000
Pr Cushing 0 xp 32000
El Papa Gallo 0 xp 1200
Arturo 0 xp 4200
Mango 0 xp 1850
Abey 0 xp 850
Fifty 0 xp 3000
Daddy Jones 0 xp 17000
Bodenpower 0 xp 22000
Lyse Teria Cr 5.5M
Kerozinn Cr 900k
Jackie Cr 0 xp 250k
Splata Cr 1.2M
Vickie Cr 800k
Cash + 5%


I have only general cr 0 XP now

monday 15/02/2016

10x Yayoi Cr 0exp -> 75k/u
33x Wooly 0exp -> 16.5k/u

+18 i'm searching 2 more

75/head copper cr full xp

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