friday 26/06/2015

I'm looking for Vickie Cr. I would accept Clntz too. just give me an offer

Why would someone buy from here when he can get it from market at 50k less? smiley

Sold thnx for the offers smiley

thursday 25/06/2015

Hi smiley
I'm buying Randy 0xp, 2.2k directly in my private sales smiley

Thanks smiley

Hey guys,

I'm looking to trade my lot of 20 Jessie's, valued at ~15k a piece (300k total), for collectors. I'm currently interested in Jackie Cr ~220k & Yayoi Cr ~79k. Will look at other Cr offers as well.

Please pm with offers or counter offers. smiley

Yo, I buy Graff 0xp for 4K/e smiley
My price is already good so I will not pay more for lots. But you can MP me, I have some cards that could interest you.
Thanks and good game smiley

Total value is 1 350 000 clintz.

I am looking for these Crs :
Marlysa Cr (1.45M) - I will add some cash
Splata Cr (900k)
Tessa Cr (900k)
Lamar Cr (900k)
Vickie Cr (600k)
or cash

PM me. smiley

Total = 680000 clintz

Pm me if interested.

Only need Naginata, Trish, Chiro and Angelo.

Just send it in my P.S.
Only need 1 card any xp.


- DJ Korr Cr full (8.5m/each)
- 143x Oyoh 0exp (6k/each)

i'm looking for:
crs: Marlysa Cr (1.5m) Lamar Cr (925k) Splata Cr(910k) Kerozinn Cr (780k)

CR Speculation is now allowed on this thread:

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

I want to trade:

25x Ongh full exp (64k/each)

i'm looking for:
$ $ Cash $$
crs: Marlysa Cr (1.5m) Tessa Cr (950k) Lamar Cr (925k) Splata Cr(910k) Kerozinn Cr (780k) Tanaereva Cr (360k)

Thought I'd have come on today and had my hand snatched off for this deal


Buying Angelo = 8.5k

Also buying La Juntas for my new deck (any xp):
Raven = 27k
Naginata = 14k
Trish = 11k
Isatis = 4.5k
Chiro = 2k

Just send it in my P.S. if deal smiley

Send me in my private sales please and thank's smiley

wednesday 24/06/2015

2 Marco Cr (1 0xp) 120000 clintz
7 Kawamashi Cr 0xp 80000 clintz
20 Fizzle (13 0xp) 18200 clintz
1 Veenyle Cr full xp 39000 clintz
2 Slyde Cr full xp 22000 clintz

Private message contact. 260000 clintz full pack.

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