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thursday 20/10/2016

Your welcome.

1200 aleister 0xp for 4m

Cash or playable cr...

Hello all,

I have Ambrose Cr 0xp for sale, and I'd hope to trade for Smokey Cr and Dalhia Cr any Xp is fine.

35 Jalil 0xp 800/t
16 Annuqa 0xp 1400/t
43 Aurelia 0xp 400/t
29 Robin 0xp 350/t


100 morlha full XP 5k each
100 mojo full XP 1.3k each

Thank you,

Close this thread plz


I offer:
- 260 Belmundo 0xp 2.5k/t
- 10 Phonos Cr 0xp 7k/t
- 4 Noctezuma Cr 0xp 200k/t
- 1 Kinichaw Cr 0xp 90k
- 3 Boris Cr full 34k/t

Searching just one copy of:
Miloz 13k
lenore 18k
Streex 17.5k
Brutus 18k
Shaker 25k
Drak 23k
Miss Xingshu 24k
Pavel 28k
Slayer 28.5k
Locke 27k
Djengo 29k
Antoinette 26k
El Mariachi 33k
Lennard 27k
Walker 34k
Fiddler 34k
Cardigan 33k
Drakorah 30k
Joy 40k
Pr Balthazar 42k
Leliana 44k
Pr Cushing 47k
Tormentah 53k
Fairbanks 53k
Galactea 85k

wednesday 19/10/2016

I already sended my card. Im waiting for yours.

Thanks for the offers. Still looking though. Adding Mona 0xp for 205k to my want list.

Sorry to late Gubeka. Maybe next time.

Close this thread plz

If I am offline still pm me smiley

Sorry I couldn't come to answer

Ratanah full 46k
Lucy 11,5k
Antoinette 32k
Grudj 28k
Olga 26k
Muze 9k
Lea 13k

Anything else just ask or pm me thanks, also make your offers if you're thinking of anything different (:

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