tuesday 04/08/2015

Still avaible smiley

I have a level two vickie cr 0xp that I would trade for a level 3 0xp + some clintz....

You need to understand market clearly and taking fast decision may lead to damage, anyway this isnt the thread to chat about market this is selling and trading forums
if you wanna talk about it
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monday 03/08/2015

Wrong section xD


I trade my Splata Cr (970k) for your Tessa Cr (920k) + 50k


We will refuse all messages with a “bump” in it. Please, write a real and usefull sentence instead.

sunday 02/08/2015

I have Tessa Cr already smiley

I want normal Baby Q Full XP and some Clintz to trade with my Leviatonn. Who wanna to trade,just post reply or PM me.

If u do 700 a piece i will buy the lot with clintz

saturday 01/08/2015

Anyone generous enough to sell their Kenny Cr for 70k?

Anyone generous enough to sell me a Kenny Cr pls.

IM looking for dj and I PROPOSE all these cards smiley
don't do the same french community mistake smiley

How much do you value him ? negotiation can be done later on smiley

Hi, it's against the rules to sell your cards to real money, under ARTICLE 6: PROHIBITED ACTIONS

"Acquiring or selling cards, Clintz or any virtual object produced by Boostr by any other means than those offered on the Website or by any other media than the Website itself"


friday 31/07/2015

Dounia is currently at 245k each, this is a good deal smiley

Still looking for more Freaks! PM me! smiley

thursday 30/07/2015

like in the title i buy all your leila 0exp for 1.5k/each in my ps

for big lots, pm me smiley

1450/each -> 1400/each smiley

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