saturday 11/01/2014

Your guild already has a recruitment thread

We are a laid back group looking to have fun together and win games any lvl player may join and you won't be kicked for not being on everyday unlike some other groups

Silent Nomads

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friday 10/01/2014

Hello. I am the founder of Ronin Zombie Killers inviting people of all ages to join a decent guild with decent standards. I started playing urban rivals about 6 years ago and then stopped for a bit. Now I am back with renewed enthusiasm and free candy. We want to have fun and thirst for greatness and inexpensive but tasty coffee and cookies. It's time to make your mama proud. Tell her that you joined an awesome guild.

We are looking for active players. If you like puppies, killing zombies, and endless debates about anything interesting, join us!

Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.

Joining my guild will benefit you. For starters its better to be on a team than not and you have me as your guild leader wht can be better than that? No but for real give B.L.A.S.T. a try i see big things for this guild and we protect ours and our allies dont attack use and we dont attack them other than that blast is just the BLA Squad 13, rep the 13 or dont ur choice but if not im down to battle!!!!

We are a new guild but not new to the game. We have extensive experience and are looking for active members. Apply at guild:1988049
We look forward to winning with you.

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Join war party

thursday 09/01/2014

Good luck smiley
I like how your profile picture matches your guild name and theme smiley

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Whoop, whoop! Sweetie here and when you decide you wanna be part of a great guild don't come to us... cuz we are awesome!!! The next big thing has arrived! smileysmileysmiley

wednesday 08/01/2014

I am, bro! Just happened to step in your guild to sort out yesterday's fiasco, and am gonna login and post tonight smiley

If you think you are XC material, and has broken 1400, but still strive to excel, irrespective of level (if above level 45, that is), please do apply.
We do have a probation programme in which we arm you with whatever you need to prove yourself, and you prove yourself, basically, that is it.
Excalibur is here for one purpose and one purpose only.
This great game that brought our band of 86 brothers together along with a thousand plus others across many guilds and across many languages, spanning many countries, SHOULD thrive.
And we will ensure that.
New recruitees, don't forget to use social media (ideally facebook) to use this platform to rope in your friends.
More friends, more fun, innit?
Together, we will do it.
To make a good game, GREAT!smiley

Please pm this guy and ask him anything and get to know him. smiley
Thanks alot guys.
You can also comment below to get to know him. smiley
As you can see from my profile you will understand everything about me. I will glady accept any friends, feel free to just add me.

Guys, you can't recruit for a guild that does not exist. I understand that you want to establish if it will interest players and therefor I think you should have the discussion about such a possibility in the Strategy and Tactics: General forum. smiley

tuesday 07/01/2014

Set fire to the stars

sunday 05/01/2014

Join my guild
Elysium Aether
A new guild

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