saturday 16/03

I have few cards I like to sell : -
1) Serleena 0XP X 700 15k/t
2) Missandei 0XP X 50 100k/t
3) Comanche 0XP X 18 300k/t
4) Death Adder full xp X 1 1.6m

I'm looking for:
1) clintz
2) Kiki Cr (14m)

Thank you


I have many lots of Wonder Lana CR, value them 70 000 each. I’m looking for Dj Korr cr, Kiki cr, General cr, lyse Teria cr, Cannibal jo cr, general cr, B mappe cr, Xantiax Robb cr, Nemo MT, Dounia MT, No love, Atkinson, Ymirah cr, Death adder, Crook, Quetzal Cr, Maana Cercei, Marshal Cr, Oon Cr

Pm for more info

friday 15/03

Kenny Mt full xp --1.4M

Looking for:
Quetzal Cr --700k
Rage -- 600k
Sobek --550K
Marshal Cr --550k
Nero --350k


I want to sell my can buy in lots but price is fix...

Item :- Serleena
Xp :- 0
Count :- 700
Price :- 14k/t

Please DM and post your offers here as well ! Big CR are preferred-
can't wait to read your offers !

Close - tradedsmiley

Are you looking for a trade?

thursday 14/03

That’s the thing I’m not going that much below current market value so the price fluctuates so I’m leaving the cards and the amount I have to offer and anyone can offer for them with either clints or a good enough trade

Guru 0xp for Guru full +500K smiley

wednesday 13/03

If you look closely. The prizes range from 1.9m each.
If we do minor research and one of God's gifts(given to humans)
We can easily theorize Seku means 3.3m for both.

Hi, I buy William 0xp 3k directly in my ps, pm me if you have a big quantity for a trade smiley

I m closing this..

Nobody interested?smiley

Hello guys I wanna sale or trade My Aldebaran. If u are interested you can write to my game post. Thx.smiley

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