thursday 07/01/2016

Sorry completely confused Steve and Doctor Norton cr

A link to the cards you want to auction is not permitted and your cards are already up for auction, you don't need another thread smiley

wednesday 06/01/2016

Hi everyone
i trade my 400 earl 0xp for 25k each one
i'm looking for cash and cr ( max 1 copy)
for example jackie cr 240k kalindra cr 220k

Bublgmm x 50 500 clintz each card
Cristalys x 50 2.5k each card
Abey x 50 1.2k each card

Not actual anymore thanks for the interest. smiley

Hello I want multiples of Yookie , I have cards and clintz for trade
I will take any xp , I value each Yookie at 3.2k

Pm me if you want to trade or sell


j'ai met encherches

50 drakorah 0xp

PDD - 35k/T

j'ai accepte quesles cr's
tessa cr - 950k
kerozinn cr - 940k
lamar cr - 900k
etc etc.. proposez moi

fin le auction : 6/2015 19h00

merci smiley

Sell you sum sam cr for 1.269.000 Clintz

tuesday 05/01/2016

Kalindra cr are now 3smiley

Guys please tell me if you have a nabrissa card! Buying it for a cheaper price

Send reply if interest -


Hi i sell

x50 gertrud 0xp 14,5k/e
x50 wolfgang 0xp 6,8k/e
x50 ditha 0xp 7k/e
x2000 luba 0xp 850/e

Your estimate on 250 0xp Dolly cr?

I don't want a load of the same card unless it also comes with some clintz (preferably more clintz then cards).

I have another shaker 0 XP that I want to trade for yookies

Please write the price that you want for it and also which cards you want in return

The name of the cards and price. thank you.

I don't know if this violating forum rules since I didn't write any specific card but I'm too lazy to read forum rules, peace!
Anyway just as stated ^, I'm trying my luck if someone would actually sell any cards at that price:

Anycard, private sell me... I'll buy all until my clints reaches 0.
be back later to check...

Hey guys, I have 100 copies of Dave 0xp that I'm looking to sell or trade for 1600 each. Price is negotiable and I will consider any offer.

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